Glee’s Harry Shum’s Look for Less!

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Harry Shum of Glee fame giving us a taste of casual perfection!  The whole outfit is effortless and I absolutely love the preppy vibe offset with a touch of slouchiness.  Best of all each piece will get tons of use in your closet year round: Swap out the jacket and plaid shirt for a simple tee in the summer or pair the plaid shirt with shorts for warmer weather…the variety is endless.  Get the look for less with pieces from Nordstrom, Zappos, Gap and more!

Harry Shum’s Look for Less!

Belt – $30 at

Dress Shirt – $59.50 at

Solid Silk Tie – $34.95 at

Classic Jacket – $52.90 at

Jeans – $26.99 at

Shoes – $55 at


Men’s Blazers Under $100!

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Take a cue from celebs like David Beckham, Bradley Copper and Justin Timberlake:A blazer is a must have in every man’s closet for all seasons (and there’s no need to spend a ton!).  Pair them with jeans and a tee for an elegant casual look, shorts for a cool laid back look, or with your basic slacks with a button down (tip: layer the button down with a bright tee for a nice pop of color).  Either way you wear them, you’re sure to have an effortlessly pulled together look.  Check out my selection for under $100!

Herringbone Blazer – $62.06 at

Velour Blazer – $79.90 at

Single Button Blazer $90 – at

Slacker Blazer – $75 at

Mini Check Blazer – $51.99 at






David Beckham’s Look for Less!

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David Beckham’s outfit is perfect for a casual Summer look and can easily be recreated with pieces you probably have in your closet.  If not, check out my similar, more budget friendly finds from Old Navy, DrJays and more!

David Beckham’s Look for Less!

Oxford Shirt – $24.50 at

Belt – $39.50 at

Nike’s Flycave Sneakers – $39.99 at

Straight Leg Jeans – $22.97 at






The Stylist Manifesto: North by Northwest

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If you remember my le mans post, you know I absolutely LOVE vintage cinema and alot of my fashion reflects this. For this post, we’re going to dive into winter fashion with some ensembles that transition from dress to casual as smoothly as Carey Grant does from lady to lady.

Top Layer:

To start things off we’ll start with the peacoat. Fashionably appropriate every year, it’s a good start to our classic yet modern ensemble. $213.90 @

Middle Layer:

Instead of the usual gray wool, we’re going to go with a more complicated check pattern. Not too flashy yet just enough detail to stand out. $345 @

Next layer:

Usually I’d recommend a crisp white for the button-down, but for this outing we’ll opt for a beautifully soft peach. It’ll tie into what we’ve got planned I promise 🙂 $65 @

Bottom(s) layer:

Gray slacks. From the beginning of modern fashion, we men have always looked great in these. Choose a heavier material for the colder weather. I’d only go a shade or two darker than the blazer this time. $145 @

Basement Layer:

For shoes we’re going brown. Gray on black is so boring and conventional. These lighter examples perfectly accent the button-down, blazer, slacks, AND the jewels coming next. $99.95 @


Gold all the way. This Nixon is hotter than the sun and plays off our color scheme in the best way possible. $450 @

If you’re going to rock any other jewelry with this outfit make sure it resides in the brown color palette (brown, copper, gold, etc.) to maintain our current aesthetic.

Neckwear I leave to your imagination but to ensure compatibility, try to pick up something that highlights the two colors we’ve been working with (perhaps a smoke & brown stripe or check?). With the options presented here, you’ll be able to blow all of your colleagues away with your timeless yet modern interpretation of a winter wardrobe. For more fashion-forward writing, check out!

The Man Bag: It’s as Handy as it is Becoming

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Who can forget the classic Friends episode where Joey discovers both the stylish allure and unmatched functionality of the Man Bag.  Over a decade later, American men continue to struggle with their masculinity and more often than not clump the Man Bag in the same category as messenger bags, satchels and rucksacks.  There’s a big difference, and the classic messenger bag is the perfect example.



David Beckham highlights how the brown leather messenger bag is both versatile and classy enough for the businessman on the move (ponytail optional).  I have no idea why Beckham’s bag is completely empty in this picture, but it’s roomy enough to fit his balls (soccer). Consider the J Crew Artisan Leather Messenger Bag – $225 at – Although a bit on the expensive side, it’s a worthy investment, it will never go out of style, and it provides the perfect glove for your beloved Macbook.




Hugh Jackman takes the opposite tack: a more refined black leather messenger bag plays perfectly against his more casual attire.  Try the Tumbled Leather Messenger Bag – $198 at






John Mayer underscores the biggest fashion trap that continues to befuddle men young and old: You don’t have to match everything!  It’s a wonderful canvas messenger bag that no doubt contains racy and lurid pictures of former flame Jennifer Aniston.  Unfortunately, it’s hard to let your imagination run wild because John was compelled to wear matching suede shoes and watch band.  Sunwashed Canvas messenger Bag – $55 at

Tribute to Joey: Patron Saint of the Man Bag.  Click Here to watch the hilarious Man Bag Clip.


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