Madras641 Clothing: Sexy, Rebellious and Bold

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M641 is a blend of feminine and sexy, rebellious and bold. The core of each collection includes tunics, blouses, dresses and button down shirts. M641 is versatile enough to wear with high heels or flip-flops, to the office or to a club.

Here are some of my favorite pieces or go to and see the beautiful pieces for yourself!


Spring 2009

Kanye West Moving To London To Follow Career In Fashion

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He’s rapped, he’s crooned… and now Kanye West is ready to stitch.
We can reveal the music legend is moving to London next year to pursue his love of fashion.
And not only will the 31-year-old unveil his very own clothes range, he’s prepared to muck in and learn his craft.
He is applying to train at Louis Vuitton’s luxury goods HQ in Bond Street as well as approaching other leading fashion houses here and in Europe.

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How To Buy Jeans That Fit Your Body Type

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With all the current trends out there, buying jeans can be a scary, lengthy experience. They have the skinny jean, boot cut, low cut, flared (I probably could go on but I won’t).
Here are some of my tips when shopping for jeans:

· They must have at least 2% spandex (unless they are skinny jeans). I don’t have a perfect body so spandex is a must. Especially on days when you need a little room to breathe.
· Flared jeans are great if you’ve got some booty because it balances your top & bottom (fitted tops look great with them). But if you’re like me and don’t have too much going on back there…buy them with pockets.
· Boot cut jeans usually flatter all body types.
· If you go with skinny jeans, 1% spandex is the most they should have (they’ll lose their shape if they have too much). If you’re a little insecure about wearing them try a “flowy” top. They look great with them.
· Low cut jeans are tricky to buy but soooo worth it. So unless you weigh 95 lbs or are one of the Olsen twins, always go up a size or two. I have some that are 4 sizes bigger. Sure they’re not as tight and eye catching as I’d like them to be, but they look great right out the drier.
· Oh…and when I try on jeans I will sit, bend and even strike a yoga pose to make sure there is no extra “love” hanging out on the sides. And last but certainly not the least, I always go shopping for jeans late in the day. It truly is the best way to ensure you get the right fit. If not you’ll end up with a bunch of cute jeans you can’t wear past noon!

Check out for online shopping tips!

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