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Royal Wedding What The Guest Wore (tFS)

Mariah Gave Birth To Her Twins (Celeb Dirty Laundry)

The Official Royal Wedding Photos (I Need My Fix)

Tallulah Willis Busted For Alcohol Possession (Daily Stab)

Two And A Half Men – The Axe is Falling (Fit Fab Celeb)

16 Celebrities Blowing Kisses (Girls Talkin Smack)

Miranda Kerr Puts It On Display (Hollywood Hiccups)








Joaquin Phoenix Gets A Bad Rap

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Maybe Joaquin Phoenix never heard the famous quote, “Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”  If only he checked with Shaquille O’Neil, Bruce Willis, Keanu Reeves, Scarlett Johansson and a long list of other celebrities that clearly have way too many “yes men” in their lives….

Joaquin Pheonix Rapping

Bruce Willis – Under The Boardwalk

Scarlett Johansson – Yesterday Is Here

Keanu Reeves – Isabelle

Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind

Shaquille O’neal – I Got Skillz

Zooey Deschanel – Why Do You Let Me Stay Here

The 50 Biggest Movies of 2009

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Monsters vs Aliens, a new CGI sci-fi comedy from Dreamworks

Monsters vs Aliens, a new CGI sci-fi comedy from Dreamworks

Times selection of the fifty most exciting blockbuster films for the year ahead

2008 was something of a vintage year for popcorn-munchers (see our 2008 Top 50 here) . But is there a 2009 film that can equal the colossal success of The Dark Knight? Which hot franchises will step up to fill the spaces left by Batman, Bond and Indy?

We’ve taken a look through the studio schedules and picked out the most promising prospects for the coming year. History tells us that when times are tough, box office takings boom. Here’s our selection of the best films Hollywood has to offer us in 2009.

50: The Pink Panther 2 (February 2009)

Moviegoers might well be tempted by the impressive cast lining up for this wholly unnecessary sequel to a completely superfluous continuation of the once mighty comedy franchise. Steve Martin, Jean Reno, John Cleese and Andy Garcia may be acting greats, but for signing up to this they should hang their heads in shame.

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