American Idol In Jewelmint

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What did three American Idol contestants all have in common last week?  They were wearing custom pieces from Jewelmint.  Jewelmint is a monthly jewelry membership created by fashion icon Kate Bosworth and her stylist Cher Coulter.  Jewelmint members can pick one piece of jewelry designed by the actress/stylist duo every month that is catered towards their style profile for only $29.99 a month.  Prior to subscribing, each member completes a style personality assessment that helps Jewelmint customize it’s monthly jewelry selection to each person.

Jagger Earrings

Eros Earrings

Mumbai Bracelet

Krishna Diamond Earrings






American Idol Finale Recap

May 21, 2009 by  
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American Idol sure was a shocker last night, check out some of the highlight’s…

Bikini Girl and Kara Dioguardi

Jason Mraz Performs I’m Yours

Adam Lambert and KISS

Black Eyed Peas Performing Boom Boom Pow

Keith Urban and Kris Allen

Kris Allen Wins

Paula Abdul Performs on American Idol

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Paula Abdul took to the AI stage last night and performed her new single, ” Here for The Music.” It wasn’t that bad! Check it out below…

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