Mens Backpacks

February 22, 2012 by  
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Love a man with a stylish backpack… it gives any outfit an old school (somewhat chic/geeky) street vibe that’s so sexy!  Tip: Don’t go cheap on backpacks. They are always handy and if you choose the right one, it’ll look even better with a little wear and tear.  When it comes to style points, consider this: Pair it with a hoodie and slacks for an old school touch; blazers and a scarf to class it up; or a pull over, button down and baggy jeans for a smart look.  Check out some of my faves below and let me know your thoughts on backpacks.



Wool-Blend Jacket – $56.90 at

Jeans – $42.99 at

Hoodie – $26.94 at

Sneakers – $111 at

Canvas and Leather Backpack – $76.99 at

Sunglasses – $46.90 at

Leather and Canvas Backpack – $57.30 at

Faux Leather Backpack – $112 at

Ralph Lauren Backpack – $74.99 at

Idlewood Backpack – $85 at

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