Great Look For The Holidays: Ryan Gosling’s Look for Less!

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Call me old fashioned but I still believe that during the holidays a man should be sharply dressed.  Doesn’t have to be anything too fussy or uncomfortable but definitely a step up from your everyday jeans and a pullover.  And if you’re like me, convincing the man in your life (or in my case men if you count my boys) it’s not an easy task.  They’re all about the comfort and don’t see anything wrong with walking around in their favorite jeans (or shorts) and tee.  I try my best to motivate them into something a little more stylish by simply dressing them myself.  Where do I get my motivation?  From my favorite celebs of course!  This outfit I used as inspiration is perfection and it doesn’t hurt that Ryan Gosling is wearing it.  It has all the right details like the dress shirt and slacks, but its kicked up a notch with fab shoes, matching belt and a sleek haircut.  SO easy to recreate and it’s not something that will leave your man wiggling in discomfort all day long.  Tip:  This is a simple outfit and the most important focus is on the  shirt.  So first shop his closet for  the other like the slacks that he might already have before you head out to buy – and always hit up your local stores like Target first.  They have a great selection of affordable accessories.

|Check out the White & Blue Stripe Slim Fit Shirt featured above and other luxury shirts at Hawes and Curtis |

Celebrity Copycat: Hilary Duff’s Look for Less!

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Not a recent outfit here on Hilary Duff but a cute one never the less. There’s a stylish ease to this outfit that makes it flattering for anyone!  I love the retro/nerdy glasses and boots – they kick the otherwise simple outfit up a notch.  Not sure if Hilary really needs glasses but so what!  I  know some people find it phoney or silly but that’s what fashion is about expressing yourself and if glasses help you do that then go for it! Get Hilary’s look for less with pieces from Target, Bello Iris & more!

Dolman Sleeve Cardigan – $30 at | Peplum Top – $15 at | Skinny Jeans – $16 at | Ray-Ban Glasses – $129 at| Hermes Inspired Bag – $35 at | Scarf – $32 at | Brown Boots – $81 at


Celebrity Copycat: Sofia Vergara’s Look for Less

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Sofia Vergara’s outfit gets right to the point – it’s sexy and affordable – what more can you want? (other than her body!),  Get Sofia’s exact dress from Kmart accompanied with other affordable pieces from Kmart, Fantasy Jewelry Box & more!

Target Style Series: How To Style A Pencil Skirt

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Pencil skirts have this classic-yet-sexy Audrey Hepburn vibe that never goes out of style – and if not already, should be a staple in your closet.  They’re easily worn from day to night and with affordable picks like the ones by Merona from Target the options are endless!! Contrary to popular belief, the pencil skirt is actually universally flattering with a cut that looks long and lean on any  shape (with the right pieces).  I’m curvy in the middle, so I need my tops to fall right at the hips.  Check out my selections below!

Pullover Sweater – $19.99 | Denim Shirt – $19.99 | Pencil Skirt – $20 | Clutch – $17.99

On the weekends, pair a bright colored pencil skirt (like the orange one below) with a denim jacket, a pullover sweater (which is perfect for layering and mixing in with other fall basic like chinos and cords) and flats for a casual chic look.

Blouse – $18 | Pencil Skirt – $20  | Skinny Belt  – $12.99 | Loafers – $32.99 | Tote – $32.99

For a trendy office look, the animal print skirt, a pretty orange blouse for a pop of color, a belt to accentuate your waist and wrap up your look with classic loafers.

Denim Jacket – $24.99 | Pencil Skirt – $20  | Shell Sweater – $19.99 | Heels – $23.99 | Necklace – $12.99 | Clutch – $24.99

For night, try pairing some basics with a pair of sexy animal print heels and a bold necklace .

See how the Target Fall Collection is designed to take you through a season of stylish looks at

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Target.  The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Target.

Chasensully & Scout’s Affordable Style

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Chasensully and its sister brand, Scout, bring together all the latest closet must-haves into two complementary collections that cater to fashionistas of all budgets. From high-end designer fabrics and details to fun one-season contemporary flair boosters, the Chasensully & Scout labels incorporate all the newest fashion-forward styles under a single shopping umbrella. Classic yet whimsical, youthful while sophisticated, and always full of color, the Chasensully and Scout collections combine the latest trends with affordability to make them must-have wardrobe pieces for every woman.

A classic high-end line at better-moderate prices, Chasensully is tailored with the finest fabrics to make special occasions extra special. The collection embraces the bold color trends of 2012, while incorporating feminine ruffles and lacework.

Reflecting contemporary style, the Scout brand affords women an opportunity to look like they just stepped off the runway every single day at a fraction of the couture cost. The collection embodies aquatic shades of turquoise and scallop prints redolent of beach parties.

To complete the look, Chasensully also offers jewelry and bags. The chunky style and bold colors of the jewelry create a one-of-a-kind finishing touch, while the eye-catching colors and prints of the purses add an easy accent to any outfit.





The Well-balanced Fashion Diet

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The Well-balanced Fashion Diet

Should we be on a “style” diet? The more I think about it, the more correlations I see between healthful eating and great style. Our relationships with food and fashion seem to be amazingly aligned!


Bling (meaningless flash) = sugar (empty calories)
We seem to be drawn to items that sparkle and shine, but are they the answer to the “health” of our wardrobe? Lately I feel “overweight” just looking at all the overly embellished goods filling our stores. Look out for “fattening” bling this holiday season.

Great classics (wardrobe musts) = excellent ingredients (basic nutrition)
Search out “the classics” in the latest cut to create the core of a healthy wardrobe. Consider them the essential nutrients you need to build on.

Better fabrics (durable garments) = sustainable agriculture (protected food supply)
Pure and organic are wonderful criteria for both fabric and food. Quality is an important component of how we dress and what we consume. The higher the quality, the less we need to waste.

The “art of the mix” (visual excitement and “wow”) = the skill of the cook (spices and culinary imagination)
The ability to make something “your own” requires sensitivity, a sense of balance, appreciation of color and the ability to identify the personality of your ingredients. That holds true whether you’re dressing for a party or whipping up a souffle.

Less closet clutter = a wholesome pantry
Allowing for less “just stuff” and restricting what you buy to classic pieces, pantry staples and high-quality seasonal items (think natural fabrics and farmer’s market produce) lets you simplify both your style efforts and your meal preparation. Skip overly processed foods and poorly made synthetic garments to be sure that whatever you consume or put against your skin will enhance your well-being.

Photo Credit:

By Sherrie Mathieson for The Style Glossy

Sherrie Mathieson has worked extensively as a
film and television costume designer and stylist. Now a style
consultant, she has shared her expertise on “The View,” the “Today”
show and CBS’s “The Early Show,” and she is the author of the style
Forever Cool and Steal This Style.

Celebrity Copycat: Kelly Ripa’s Look for Less!

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Kelly Ripa’s outfit still holds up as a fabulous Summer classic.  Love the way the navy tank plays against the black and white striped skirt and tan sandals.  Sure, a skin tight striped skirt can be difficult to pull off, but before you shake your head in dismay check out the more figure flattering a-line skirt that will give you the same look with a little more ease. 🙂  Get Kelly’s chic look for less with pieces from Shop Ruche, DSW, and more!

Kelly Ripa's Look for Less!

Tan Heels – $71.99 at

Striped Skirt – $28 at

Chain – $8.80 at Forever21,com

Satchel – $59.95 at

Sunglasses – $10 at

Basic Scoop Neck Tank – $12 at

A-Line Printed Skirt – $37.99 at

January Jones Affordable Malibu Native Tee

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Check out Mad Men star January Jones walking her pup and embracing the “California Dreamer” style in a Live Once Dolman Tee by Malibu Native.  Malibu Native embraces the beauty, magic and love that radiates from the coast of Malibu to the streets of Paris. The affordable, casual line prides itself on quality fabrics and comfortable laid back fits with its lifestyle-inspired tees and chic swimsuits. The Live Once Dolman Tee retails for $7.99 (see, even celebs love a bargain!) and is available at  Check out the Malibu Native collection at

Celebrity Copycat: Nicole Richie’s Look for Less!

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Love how Nicole RIchie deftly straddles the razor’s edge between chic and sloppy; and this outfit has my name all over it!  Easily recreate this look for under $100 with pieces from Yesstyle, Retro City Sunglasses, Old Navy and more!

Nicole Richie's Look for Less!

Long Vest – $19.80 at

Black Wayfarer’s – $8.99 at

Flip Flops – $5 at

Flared Jeans – $34.99 at

Cami – $9.99 at

Woven Cuff – $4.80 at







Threadless Tees

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If you’re addicted to tee shirts like me, then you have to check out  I have a bunch and can tell you that they are beyond soft, exceptionally well made and look like they cost a fortune. Quick tip: they seem to run small so you may want to order a size up.  I also love the Threadless back story.  Starting out as a an open casting call for tee shirt design submissions to support emerging artists, Threadless continues to support the creative community with its “select series” which also features printed designs by established artists and designers.  Check out some of my faves below:

London Tee – $19

Birds Of A Feather – $15

Peace and Love – $35



A Penguin Tee – $15

MY FAVE – I Listed To bands That Don’t Even Exist Yet – $20

Traveling Tee – $20




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