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“For every two minutes of glamour, there are eight hours of hard work.”  I happened to see this quote by Jessica SavitchIand and it’s so true – especially in what I do as a fashion blogger and stay at home mom.  While I have all the essentials to quickly pull together a quick look, there’s lots of times where I barely make it out of my house in fold over yoga pants (it’s a huge no-no, I know, but it is what is!).  Here’s the thing:  while I don’t always dress very glamorous I refuse to leave the house without lipgloss and mascara.  Weird?  Sure.  But I think it’s perfectly okay to give yourself a break and wear black yoga pants, a black tank, flip flops, fab lipgloss, mascara and still feel beautiful. Last week I was sent  some makeup samples by Roxanne Alaimo-Esdailes and Mark Cohen, who launched an online venture called First of all I’m a sucker for cute packaging (which it comes in) and a crafty motto ( “b fun, b fresh, b fearless, just b”). The product line includes lipgloss, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and blush to name a few, and right now they are only charging a $1 promotional price for the lipgloss! I found the colors bold and the quality high.  My favorites were the Red Hottie and Glisten Up but the 7 colors are available for only $6.  Check out the colors below and use coupon code Jblog to receive a free eyeliner with your order.  For more visit


How to Make Your Summer Makeup Last

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How to Make Your Summer Makeup Last

How to Make Your Summer Makeup Last

There’s nothing like high temps, sun and humidity to make morning’s perfectly made-up face look like a melted mess just a few hours later. But with these steps, you’ll be sure to look fresh, pretty and put-together — no matter what summer has in store:

  • Start by prepping the T-zone with a light antiperspirant product. (Use one that comes in a wipe.) Sweep lightly along your forehead, nose and chin. These are usually the first places your face perspires and starts to break down makeup.
  • Next, apply a lightweight primer. The primer will give the makeup a layer to grip.
  • Apply a lightweight foundation/tinted moisturizer with SPF. Use a brush or damp sponge to achieve a smooth, sheer finish.
  • Apply a waterproof or long-wear gel or liquid eyeliner. You can find a wide range of these at all price points. Choose a few in basic colors — like brown, black and navy — that you’ll wear daily. Pick up a couple of trendy shades, like green or purple, at the drugstore.
  • Add a few coats of waterproof mascara. Pick a formula that is multipurpose: lengthening, thickening and, if you need it, curling.
  • For cheek color, apply a light layer of a gel or liquid blush.
  • Lips should have a coat of long-wear lip stain with a bit of shine.
  • Finish with a few spritzes of a makeup-setting spray. The setting spray will lock in all the makeup and fight against melting and smudging.

Check out some of my favorite Summer products below!

Summer Makeup

By Risi-Leanne Baranja for The Style Glossy

Buddha Balm: Good for the Soul and Lips

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Buddha Balm is a premium handcrafted lip balm that contains powerful healing and protective properties that is as good for the soul as it is for the lips. I was lucky enough to have been sent a care package and immediately became smitten with the product (my personal fave is Burnt Sugar Fig),  Featured in Cosmo Girl, Maxim and seen on MTV The Hills, Buddha Balm coats your lips in a rich layer of protection and comes in a variety of incredibly great tasting flavors: Lychee Pomegranate, Burnt Sugar Fig, Mandarin Orange Ginger and Crushed Mint Pineapple . Buddha Balm is available online at or at Kitson, Bristol Farms, Coffee Bean and other retailers nationwide for a suggested retail price of less than $4.

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