Big Bold Summer Earrings Under $50

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With the summer heat comes humidity and if you have long hair then it also brings on the frizz.   While I like my hair to have a slept in look, sometimes it just gets to be too much and I need to pull it up and away from my face.   I clip it up and throw on big pretty earrings.  It’s the one time of year where I style my hair up and I take total advantage of it by swapping out my studs and hoops for bold sparkly earrings.  I look for style that is longer in length rather than width to elongate my neck and with the enormous amount of affordable styles available it’s super easy to splurge and get yourself a new pair for everyday of the week.  Check out some of my favorites under $50.

1. Freya Chandelier Earrings – $48 at | 2. Dijon Chandelier Earrings – $16.50 at | 3. Two Tone Bead Earrings – $32 at | 4. Lava Deco Earrings – $32 at | 5. Emperor Chandelier Earrings – $29 at | 6. Chevron Earrings – $50 at

Twisted Silver’s Geometry Earrings Have Arrived!

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The Geometry Earrings from Twisted Silver have arrived!  These earrings are my absolute favorite and the inspiration behind their infamous tagline, “Wear twisted but be prepared…you’re gonna get asked!”  Long and amazingly lighweight, the Geometry Earrings defy the rules and spark the imagination with their mismatched fabulosity!   Pair them with the another one of my faves: the Austin Cuff to amp the edginess.  Don’t forget to use use coupon code INSIDERS to take 15% off any order from Not to be combined with other offers.  Check out what I’d wear them with below!


White Maxi Skirt


Austin Cuff – $40 at Twisted Silver

Geometry Earrings – $40 at Twisted Silver










Emily Elizabeth Jewelry Sale

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Trendy, delicate and best of all budget friendly, Emily Elizabeth Jewelry is the perfect gift for that special person in your world (including yourself!). For the month of October, prices start at $5 with select pieces up to 90 percent off. Check out some of my favorites below.

Bubbly Necklace (elegant enough for a LBD or for everyday wear). $50

Bubbly Necklace

Under Lock and Key Lariat (a simple yet eye-catching piece that can be wrapped or tied). $15

Under Lock and Key

Three Essential Necklace Trio (as seen in People Stylewatch and Pregnancy Magazine). $60 for all three

Necklace Trio

Get Twisted!

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As a HUGE fan of the boho/rocker look, my obession with Twisted Silver should come as no surprise.  Although Twisted Silver’s vast array of accessories always demand attention, I chose to highlight the Rocker Earth necklace and the 7 bracelet to create a feminine yet boldly vintage rock n roll look.  Clearly, I love me some stripes in any outfit, and the normally conservative cardigan pictured here is the perfect “pop” when matched with sexy flared jeans.  As a final touch I threw in some booties and a floppy hat (which reminded me of the Penny Lane character played by Kate Hudson).  And that’s what I truly love about Twisted Silver…no matter what you wear you can always “twist” it into your own!

Get Twisted!

Rocker Earth Necklace – $70 at

7 Bracelet – $50 at

Floppy Hat – $14.80 at

Belted Cardigan – $44.99 at

Striped Long Sleeve T – $27 at

Flare Jeans – $47.18 at

Booties – $39.99 at

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