5 Under $50: Stylish Alternatives For Baby Bags

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I’m out of that stage where I actally need an entire bag dedicated to baby essentials, but when I was I nevertheless refused to carry around the Baby Looney tunes adorned bags that were all the rage. I always used an alternative – like a cute backpack (I still keep one in my car with emergency items for the kids) or a big tote.  Best part was that I got tons of use from both afterwards which made it a win win!  Check out some stylish alternatives to traditional baby bags below for under $50 from Yeswalker.  Oh, and don’t forget Yeswalker is still running their BOGO and free international shipping so stock up!

Polka Dot Backpack – $42

Leopard Print Tote + Shoulder Bag – $48

Double Strap Tote – $35

Woven Hobo Bag – $45

Convertible Denim Backpack – $40





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Top 5 Handbag Trends for 2012

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Forget sugar daddies and designer watches – there’s only one thing you really need on your arm this season, and that’s a trend-hitting handbag. So get ready to cart your life about in style with our guide to the very best choices out there now:


The beauty of a good bag is that it can bring a delicious pop of colour to any outfit, and that’s just what you’ll get when you make a beeline for the latest neon treasures. The best way to rock the look is on a night out; pick a micro handbag and let the colour bring the big attitude.

Look to the future

Silver, shiny, studded and sparkling – the futuristic trend is your chance to have a love affair with all things metallic. Choose bags with unusual shapes and features – padlocks, clear panels, whatever you want goes, as long as it’s got that space-age edge.

If in doubt, oversize it

Oversized beauties by designers like Alexander Wang and Chloé are an indomitable presence in the style world right now, so who cares if your bag is only half full? Throw the biggest one you can find over your shoulder and strut your stuff.

Classic cool

Investing in a classic handbag is always the right move to make, but this season the ladylike glamour of a soft leather number in a timeless barrel shape is just what you need to finish off any look. Don’t be scared to coordinate with gloves and shoes; if you’re going to do the classic look, you may as well do it properly!

The briefcase is back in town

If you don’t want the responsibility of looking too grown up then opt for the briefcase’s cool cousin, the satchel. Henry Holland’s purple checked version, available from the range at Debenhams is perfect, and the print means you’ll be ticking off this season’s huge heritage trend, too.


Introducing Yeswalker.com

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I’ve been a huge fan of Yesstyle since they first debuted back in 2006 not only because you can find anything (their massive selection of affordable and unique fashion picks options are unrivaled) but also because of Yesstyle’s amazing and affordable shoe selection.  Thats why I’m so excited that they’ve just launched a new site called Yeswalker.  They’ve taken the very best shoes from YesStyle.com and given them the spotlight they deserve. Oh yeah, and  they’re shipping them internationally for free!!  Check it out here at yesswalker.com and see below for some of my favorites.

Snakeskin Pattern Sandals – $31.50

Two-Tone Flats – $25.20

Suede Over-the-Knee Boots – $40


Like what you see?  Click here for a chance to win a year’s supply of shoes!!!















Cross Your Heart

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The following is guest post by Erika from Cafe Fashionista:  Believe me when I tell you this…you do not have to resort to the use of a frumpy fanny pack when you want a bag that features a functional flair. No dearests, just because you need a bag that is utilitarian does not mean it must possess every factor that makes up the u word…ugly. For practical use in terms of handbags, the most perfect solution is…the cross body. It’s a stylish little carryall that keeps your belongings close and your wardrobe looking just as upscale as it would should you be carrying a satchel; especially when you have the right one slung about you. 

Picture 1












Fred Flare “Mini Weave Townie Purse” I hope you’re wearing your preppy best, mes chers, for that is exactly what the Mini Weave Townie Purse calls for, what with its sophisticated camel coloring, woven detail, and antique slip lock closure. It’s a cross body that seemingly screams Ivy League; thus, you must accommodate it accordingly with boyish blazers, collared tops, and perhaps a splash of khaki or two. Faux leather with a buckled strap that adjusts to your liking, and the bearer of a slight cell phone pocket, there’s an element of saddle-inspired glory here that will make the timid equestrian inside of you bubble with glee. Giddy up, darlings! 

Picture 2Topshop “Wooden Bead Cross Body Bag”When I saw the filmAlmost Famous, I fell in love with the wild-haired Penny Lane, a band-aid with a fabulous sense of style, and a dream of visiting Morocco. Perhaps it is her influence that has not only made me obsessed with the African city, but convinced that someday I will visit the exotic locale. Until that day, I am quite content with adorning my daily ensembles with Moroccan inspiration; in kind, thisWooden Bead Cross Body Bag is the perfect accessory to add to my collection. The bag is polyester, but the colorful beads covering its surface make it splendrous enough for a princess. I can see it now…walking through dirt-covered passageways as I peek into the booths of outdoor marketplaces selling all sorts of colorful wares, the Wooden Bead Cross Body Bag slung over my shoulder. Yes, it is the prime accent to accompany tropical dreams. 

Picture 43










Fossil “Fifty-Four Molly Studded Crossbody”Polished studs. Tassels. Drawstring upper. A keychain with a large skeleton key dangling to and fro. If it hasn’t hit you already, theFifty-Four Molly Studded Crossbody? Quite frankly, it’s a prime example of a fashionable crossbody bag. The muted mustard color makes it a neutral with a pop; while the silver hardware, shiny studs, and drawstring top are the quintessential additions that make this low-key look come across as very high fashion. Whether it’s a spa day with the girls or a trip to the mall, the Fifty-Four Molly Studded Crossbody covers it all. 

Picture 50Urban Outfitters “Urban Renewal Remade Leather Cinch Bag” There’s no better way to remain eco-friendly than by recycling, which is exactly how the Urban Renewal Remade Leather Cinch Bag was created. Now, it looks like a trendy little treat with an odd, yet completely chic shape; but in a past life it was a vintage leather skirt worn for nights of dancing. Trimmed with cinched detailing, and home to an interior pocket kept hidden via a zippered closure, each Urban Renewal Remade Leather Cinch Bag arrives looking slightly different than the last, while retaining the same classy silhouette that keeps passersby in awe. Unique and useful…what more could you possibly ask for? 

Picture 51













Charlotte Russe “Peace Sign Cross-Body Purse”Sometimes the best way to get a message across is via unspoken words. And nothing speaks louder than this Peace Sign Cross-Body Purse. The brown, crinkled faux leather adds a very worn yet wondrous look to the whipstitched, tassel-embellished artistry; while the studded peace sign emblazoned upon the fold-over flap casts just the right amount of glitz and glamour upon the boho beauty. Tossed over a flowy dress with dusty boots and you’re bound to be the belle of the bohemian ball! 

Have you crossed your heart yet? 

Fashionably yours!

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