Wentworth Miller’s Look for Less!

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Wentworth Miller’s outfit is the perfect example of a well dressed man with effortless style!  He flawlessly combines a brown puffer vest, a basic button down, aviator glasses and a pair of jeans with rugged boots  – LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!  Perfect pieces that never go out of style, easily transition from season to season and are probably already in your closet!  If not, check out my affordable options below for less with items from Old Navy, Buckle & more!

Jeans – $37 at Buckle.com

Puffer Vest – $104 at Shopacrimony.com

Button Down – $29.94 at Oldnavy.com

Boots – $110 at AE.com

Aviator Sunglasses – $15 at Buckle.com

Celebrity Copycat: Emma Robert’s Look for Less!

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Emma Robert’s outfit is the perfect example of how to seamlessly transition from one of this Summer’s hottest trends (the maxi dress) into a Fall classic with the simple addition of a  denim jacket and thin brown belt.  Effortlessly fabulous!  Get Emma’s look for less with pieces from Lulu’s, Modcloth and more!

Maxi Dress – $44.99 at Modcloth.com

Braided Belt -$14.99 at Modcloth.com

Denim Jacket – $72 at Yesstyle.com

Shoes – $46 at Lulus.com

Necklace – $22 at 1928.com


Add Some Sparkle to Your Holiday Season

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Autumn is upon us. The air is cool and crisp, the leaves are changing to fiery hues and many folks are gearing up for the holidays to come. It may seem like a long way away but before you know it you’ll be decking the halls and preparing to spend time with loved ones near and far. As you head out to your mailbox you are sure to find one or two…or many ten (for the tremendously popular) invitations to the holiday parties of your family, friends and acquaintances. Of course you’ll want to make a statement and nothing says holiday quite like diamond jewelry!

Why Diamonds? There are so many fabulous reasons…

1. Diamonds go with anything!

Yes, they absolutely do! It doesn’t matter what color palette you have chosen for your special holiday apparel; you can be sure that the diamonds you wear will be the perfect compliment. They can take a basic black dress and turn it into stunning formal attire. Whether you are putting on the ritz or having a lovely intimate holiday dinner, your diamond jewelry will fit right in — shining the whole night through.

2. It all comes down to sparkle.

When you think holiday parties what comes to mind? If you said sparkle, then diamonds are the ideal choice for you. The brilliance of diamonds is reminiscent to sunlight hitting newly fallen snow, white lights twinkling on trees and houses and the glint of clinking champagne flutes as folks welcome in the New Year — which is why these dazzling gems are perfect for this time of year.

3. Diamonds can take drab and make it super fab!

Do you have an outfit that you truly adore and feel great in but you are worried that it might be just a tad too casual? That’s an easy fix. If you add diamonds – like a Rivera necklace for example – it will kick your outfit up about 5 notches! Then you can add some stunning stilettos and you should be good to go.

4. Diamonds make a statement.

How we choose to dress for an event is really a reflection of our thoughts about the event itself. By wearing your diamonds you are telling your party hosts, “I think you’re event is really special and I am so happy that you invited me”. An especially nice choice for these types of occasions is a graduated diamond tennis necklace. It is the ultimate choice for those seeking to make a statement of timeless elegance.











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Fraas Shawl-Scarf Review

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When you live in Florida (like I do) it’s hard to explain to friends up north how exciting it is to wear Fall/Winter fashions.  This past weekend brought cool air, crisp winds and the first chance for me to wear a Fraas shawl-scarf I was sent to review!  At first I thought the ruffles would make the scarf appear to bulky, but the ruffles actually gave the scarf a quirky vibe.  I love scarfs because they instantly dress up any outfit and the Fraas shawl-scarf is no exception.  Not only is it stylish and incredibly soft, it’s so versatile (my fave way to wear it is the classic fold in half, and pulled through).  Fabulous!

At only $66 the Fraas Shawl-Scarf is a  great gift for any occasion.  For more info visit Fraas.com or simply call 212-575-0191 to order.














2011 Major Fashion Trends for Men

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Gone are the days when fashion trends were simply meant for women. Guys have now become equally conscious about what they wear and how they accessorize themselves. Men are now equally interested in fashion weeks held at the four major destinations Milan, Paris, London and New York.

Whether you are a style guru or an average guy, fashion trends for spring 2011 will not disappoint you.

Globe Totter: The hottest trend of spring 2011 reflects the Captain Cook look. Do you remember the captain sailing on Pacific Ocean? The fashion idea for 2011 is similar – West meets East. The fashion week held in New York played with the idea – clothing as storytelling. Clothing that gives a feel of adventure are going to be a big hit this year.

Duckie Brown: The Duckie Brown collection displayed by Daniel Silver at New York 2011 Spring Fashion Week clearly conveyed the message that the effort was to make every single piece unique. This collection perfectly reflected the West meets East look. If you are in search of a similar style, opt for garments that exhibit an eccentric mix of patterns and colors.

Gilded Age: The clipper ships and the Pan American World Airways uniforms are the inspiration for this style. You can find shirts designed with fabrics that look aged by the sun. Drawstrings at your waist, epaulettes and multi-pocket jackets are going to bring the vintage look.

Billy Reid: The Billy Reid collection was another major success at New York Fashion week spring 2011. The designer was inspired by his birthplace Louisiana and his creations captured the essence of the Louisiana style. His collections displayed madras jackets with hand made patchwork, heirloom buckled belts, the kind of dresses that would evoke a sense of tradition. Wearing a Billy Reid garment can give you the vintage look you are crazy about.

If you want to keep pace with the spring fashion trend 2011 look for some of these things including epaulettes, leather travel bag, vintage prints, sun aged fabrics, lived-in leather jackets, jackets with multiple pockets, handcrafted detailing, awning stripes and many more.

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