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A guest post by Stylist Manifesto! Sweet!

One of the most irritating parts about summer is the lack of fashion sense. Why on earth would a dude want to live in flip-flops, tank tops, and cargo shorts for the entire season? There are so many alternatives that are heads and shoulders above the ‘beach bum’ aesthetic. Let’s explore how an adult, stylish man can look great this summer in something other than the same crap seen on us year after year.




Bright. Blue. Boss. This plaid, tailored short sleeve button-down is a perfect choice for the warmer weather. It’s also a much cooler alternative to traditional long sleeves. $53 @ 80’s purple.



If you’re going to rock the tee, make it fitted and vintage. The distress in the tee shows that you’re a true fan that sticks it out rain or shine and belies your style savvy at the same time. $38 @ 80’s purple.


The black tee is a tricky thing to pull off. Faded is a ****in’ fail. Why not try charcoal first instead? It’s dark yet resists fading. And here’s a tip when you’re ready to go black (and thus never go back), wash the garment inside-out, whether denim, button-down, tee, or whatever else. This preserves the dark color. This japanese inspired example by obey is $22.00 @ 80’s purple.


Instead of the normal pocketed oxford, this dual-pocket example is much less formal while retaining the button-down aesthetic. $49 @ 80’s purple.



Gray isn’t gloomy. This fitted button-down brings a Cary Grant cool to your summer wardrobe. Combine with indigo denim, similarly dark shorts, or slacks and finish the look off with a modern thin tie. $77 @ 80’s purple.




These denim shorts are unique because of the frayed edges. They help compliment anything vintage as well as add an edge to anything more formal (maybe one of those button-downs). $38 @ 80’s purple.


Never be afraid of color. These shorts, vintage tee, canvas hi-tops. Look complete. Obey comes in just above the knee for just $43 @ 80’s purple.


For the times when shorts are inappropriate (weather, social occasion, etc.), throw on some fitted chinos. These are gray instead of the usual khaki because we make our mark around here. $64 @ 80’s purple. Oh, and remember, socks are optional if the shoes don’t have a lining (note the model).





If you haven’t noticed, me and canvas have become quite an item. An affair has definitely bloomed. Pro-Keds is on fuego like san diego with these beautiful kicks in chili pepper red. Use for that ‘solar flare’ that your outfit needs. $35 @ Oh, and they’re 20 % less with my repcode: ‘fashionforward’!



Low tops are no less fashionable by any means. These classic vans will go perfectly with any of the above examples and give a subtle nod to your skater side. $42 @ karmaloop (and yes the 20% comes off these scuba blue beauties too).

Supra really came correct this season. Their ultra popular skytop has been done up in canvas and is fresh out of the oven just in time for summer. But, despite the canvas outer, they retain the supra foam and padding so, definitely are to be worn with calcetines. $96 @ karmaloop (you don’t have to guess, you get the discount on these too!).

Italy meets america with Gourmet. I’ve written about these before but the Uno’s just beg to be worn without socks. I’d say shorts with these or, if going with pants, make them not to long so as to show off the ankle windows when seated at that outdoor cafe with your baby. $44.95 @ karmaloop.






Huge, gold and belligerent. The Nixon diver is mad waterproof and has a nuclear glow in the summer sun. It’s just good to show off once and a while. $448 @ watchismo.


Very simple and perfect for any understated look, this tsovet timepiece is equally at home at the summer wedding and on the ducatti cruising rush street with your gal wearing your helmet. $395 @ 80’s purple.






The Nixon Time Teller is pure stripped down functionality. With so many finishes ranging from plastic to canvas to metal, it’s sure to please and pair with anything in your closet. From $60 @



Thin and modern, this orange, boldly checked tie is a nice splash of color for your muted shirt, whether charcoal or linen. $72 @ 80’s purple.


Charcoal and stylish. Slim and sophisticated. Bond comes to your closet in the form of this offering by 3sixteen. $72 @ 80’s purple.


Slim is in, what can I say? Sky blue always makes me happy. Only $16.20 @ 80’s purple!



The fedora is always in vogue and the metallic embellishment on the side of this one by goorin bros makes is fun and youthful while keeping things adult and civilized. $60 @ 80’s purple.


Absolutely no guy on the planet should be caught in cargos, flip-flops, and tank tops this summer and this post just gave all of us PLENTY of reasons not to. Ditch the flip-flops for canvas, the cargos for indigo denim shorts, and the tank top for a vintage tee or short-sleeve button down. If you’re truly a grown man, make sure you look the part at all times.

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