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The hardest part of choosing a great gift for a man is giving him something you can be certain he’ll use for years to come. Trends are constantly changing, and what’s popular one year may not be something he’ll even remember the next!


Signet rings were first reserved for royalty and nobility, and were far more than mere status symbols. The signet ring had somewhat fallen from favor as “old-fashioned,” in favor of more abstract and stylized designs, but they are experiencing a resurgence in this century as interest in ancestry increases all the time.

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Tie tacks and cufflinks are also terrific gifts. A nice-looking pair of custom cufflinks, perhaps monogrammed or emblazoned with a man’s family or school crest, is a wonderful way to encourage a man who typically doesn’t to dress up and adds a little extra flair to the wardrobe of a man who does. Cufflinks and tie tacks speak to understated culture and breeding and suggest to those looking on that the wearer is a man who knows and is comfortable with his world and his place within it.

There are as many kinds of great jewelry out there as there are men to wear them. A little discreet probing, or a clandestine tour of his jewelry drawer, can offer some great ideas for what sort of jewelry would make the best stocking stuffer for a given man. Jewellery tells a great deal about the kind of man who is wearing it. When considering Christmas ideas, why not get him something different that he’s sure to cherish and use throughout the year? Customized, elegant gold or silver jewelry is one gift that never goes out of fashion!



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