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To me there is nothing worse than ill fitting lingerie. They’re the canvas to our clothing and without the right fitting underwear or bra you’ll be left feeling uncomfortable and looking out of sorts. According to statistics a shocking 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong size bra. Think about it for a second…the very thing that is supposed to give you back and breast support and determine the look and fit of ANY top you’re wearing is more often than not either too small (which means that you’ll be overflowing in it) or too big (as in the “girls” will be swimming). Either way it’s not going to look too pretty no matter what designer top or trend you may be wearing. I worked in retail for over 15 years in pretty much every department store and to me the most important section was always the lingerie department. I know the importance of a good fit BUT I’ve also been guilty (before kids) of squeezing into a size or two smaller bra to get a little more lift or cleavage only to deal with back aches, headaches, neck pain and an overall sense of anxiety and desire to just rip it off! SO yeah I know the difference and it’s life changing!

A well fit bra can literally make you look slimmer and also help make your clothes look better on you. The idea is to find one that fits you like a glove and after that it’s all about tossing any size or number you may have in your head and go by fit. Once you know a good fit you’ll always know it which is why it’s important to get at least one personalized fitting from a well trusted  brand like Triumph who focus on details and commit to the fit.   Founded in Europe in 1886 and with over 125 years of tailoring experience, Triumph has earned their aptly titled lingerie line because they’ve managed to offer 3 important things that everyone wants and needs: fit, style and sex appeal. Check out their cheeky new video campaign below and make sure you drop by their website Triumph.com & ALL of their social pages (see links below) where you’ll find lots of tips, inspirational quotes and TONS of gorgeous pinup types of photos.

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Triumph, but the opinion expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Triumph.

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