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The lovely people over at Spanx sent me the Slim Cognito shaping mid-thigh bodysuit to review and I can’t believe I went so long without them! No wonder celebrities like the Kardashians, Jessica Alba, Madonna and Beyonce are obsessed with Spanx and won’t leave home without them.  As for my experience, I’m not horribly out of shape.  However, after having four boys and dropping nearly 100 pounds certain outfits and a couple of areas on my body need a little help.  The Slim Cognito worked like a magic wand: inches disappeared off my waist and a smoother, more flattering shape emerged. I never imagined a day where i wouldn’t have to hold my breath and suck in my tummy when out and about. It’s nice to know that Spanx has my front and back!  Here are some tips from my Spanx exerience: First, I chose the Slim Cognito because it offers the ability to attach it to your bra.  However, I personally found it more comfortable and flattering to simply tuck it under my bra.  Also, even though the material stretches, it takes some getting used too. I wouldn’t suggest wearing it to an all you can eat buffett!  By the second time I wore the Spanx out, I didn’t even notice it.  The Kardashians swear by them, Jessica Alba loves them and now you to can join the millions of Spanx lovers out there.

Slim Cognito Shaping Bodysuit

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