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The British fashion industry is one of the most successful in the world, with a report in 2010 pegging its contribution to the economy as £21 billion per year, and in September London was named Fashion Capital of the World by Global Language Monitor for the second year running. Yet with all this success comes fierce competition for jobs, and it can seem impossible for young hopefuls to catch a break in the fashion industry. So how do people do it?

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First of all, it helps to have put in the groundwork – and that means building a personal portfolio of work and fulfilling qualifications like this that show you’ve devoted time and effort to pursuing your career. Running a fashion blog or YouTube channel is another great way to prove your dedication, make a name for yourself and make some new contacts along the way. Unlike other industries, fashion is one you really have to live just to enter it – it’s not enough to just brush up on your interview skills!


The (slightly painful) truth is that your first job in fashion will probably be an internship. Even though they’re usually unpaid, there is still lots of competition for these places and you’ll need to demonstrate you have the tenacity to work long hours without pay! However, once you’re in, completing an internship at a fashion house or a magazine is a great stepping-stone to your dream job.


Finally, don’t give up – it’s a tough industry and you’ll only get a job if you stick at it month after month. Devote all the time you’re not employed to work on anything that would support an application – your portfolio, blog, list of contacts etc. Good luck!

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