Smartphones Make Smart Moms

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As a working gal and mom, I’m a firm believer that a smartphone makes a smart mom. Whether it’s a runny nose or a bus running late, I personally use a variety of android apps to keep my day on track.  Check out my top five favorite android apps for busy moms on the go!

1. Out of Milk: one of the best grocery/shopping list app’s out there.  My favorite feature is the “pantry list,” which helps you keep track of items you already have at home.  I hate buying things twice!

2. ShopSavvy: use the phone’s camera to scan the barcode of items to find out whether anyone is selling the same item for less, either locally or online. The app will show you a map of local stores that carry the item, and it gives you links to their websites and phone numbers.  Hey, every dime counts!

3. Family GPS Tracker: allows you to see each family member’s location. Great app for family trips and those teenagers that keep trying sneak off!

4. Mint: I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t always keep track of my spending.  This app pulls all of your bank and credit card accounts into one place not only helping you keep track of your spending, but what’s available in each account.

5. Carr Matey: How many times have you walked out of a store and forgot where you parked? When you park the car, you simply open the app and select “Drop anchor” to mark your location. You have the option to set a timer—handy if you’re parking at a metered or limited-time spot—and to share your map location via e-mail. When it’s time to return to your car, select “Find vessel” and Carrr Matey guides you to it—or at least within sighting distance.

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