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Nightwear may not seem like the most important kind of clothing for women, but that doesn’t mean that a lot of thought and consideration doesn’t go in to picking it out. Nightwear is what we wear to go to sleep, yes, but it’s also what we wake up in on mornings before we get in the shower, what we might potter around in making breakfast, and what we wear to impress anyone who might happen to see us in it! For these reasons, owning some sexy nightwear is essential for every woman, even if it is just to make yourself feel gorgeous. Attractive, beautiful clothing doesn’t have to be seen by someone else to have an effect – just knowing that you look stunning can be a real thrill, and a long-term boost to your confidence.

When it comes to sexy nightwear, a lot of stores will throw skimpy lingerie at you. That’s not the same thing; sexy nightwear should be both practical and look seductive. For this you need an item like the simple, classic nightgown. With straps, a low back and hem and a plunging neckline, a light nightgown will have you showing off all your best assets whilst also providing a feasible item of clothing for you to move about and sleep in. Look for dressing gowns in feel-good fabrics like silk, and in deep, seductive colours such as dark red. Lace adornment is also a great sexy add-on.

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