Scarfs: How To Wear Them And Which Ones To Buy!

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I always find scarves to be a great way to add “oomph” to an otherwise plain outfit.  Lately they seem to be taking-off as a trend and adorning the necks of celebrities like the Olsen twins, Kate Moss and Katie Holmes to name a few. In fact, scarves are being worn year round  regardless of temperature.  There are countless ways of wearing scarves and I’m sure it may seem like a daunting task, so here are some tips on how to use them, wear them and buy them:
The safest bet when choosing a style is the long, thin scarf (there are tons of fabrics, shapes and styles to choose from).  They are a lot easier to work with and can even be worn indoors.  Wool is perfect for those blustery cold days. If you find wool too itchy,  try a cashmere scarf.   Silk is a little dressier and a perfect fit for the summer months.  Cotton is my personal favorite although lately I have been “warming up” to the eternity scarf (they can be worn as a hood/scarf). – $28

When picking out colors and prints try to keep in mind the outfits you’ll be wearing them with.  I find that neutral colors are best for everyday wear while bright, bold print scarves should be worn as a statement piece.

For a more “European” look simply take the scarf and place it at the back of your neck with the ends hanging at your side.  Pull each end around neck to create a loose bunch of fabric.  Then pull a little tighter and tuck the ends in.  This style is perfect for revealing tops and can be a great alternative to a camisole under a jacket or blazer.

For a laid back chic look, drape it around your neck and let the scarf just hang (or tie a loose knot at the ends).

And last but certainly not least, take a scarf and tie it on to the handle of your bags. it looks SO chic and it gives you the opportunity to always have a scarf on hand even if you don’t need it at the moment!

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