Rock & Republic Sweaters at Kohl’s

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I have a love for all things loose, flowing and comfy with a modern feel… especially when it comes to sweaters!  Last week I had the amazing opportunity to shoot a Kohl’s Spring trends video (more on that later) and although I was selected to wear the tropical look, I had the chance to take a sneak peek at Rock Republic’s new line and the sweaters were fabulous!   The details were on point; the fabrics were incredibly soft and everything looked like it would cost double the price tag. Tip: want to show off your curves?  Belt it!  All of my picks below look adorable belted.  Check out some of my faves below and watch some clips from their star-studded launch at NY Fashion Week.

Rock & Republic Dip-Dye Cardigan – $45.  The picture does this cardigan no justice.  It’s so pretty in an edgy shabby chic sorta way.

Rock & Republic Distressed Sweater – $51. Buy up a size; looks so cute as an off the shoulder which one of the bloggers wore at the shoot).

Rock and Republic Cutout Cardigan – $45 Wrap a belt around the waist and you’re good to go with just about any bottom.

Kohl’s / Rock & Republic Fashion Video from Mustache on Vimeo.

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