Plaid Plaid and More Plaid

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I can’t emphasize the following sentiment enough: Nothing “screams” Fall more than the classic print plaid.  The options are limitless whether its a skirt, jacket, handbag or even shoes.  Plaid be can be dressed up or down just like the  outfits available at Madewell.  However, when wearing plaid the trick is to keep in mind that less is more.  Let the plaid be the statement piece and keep all other pieces as simple as possible.  For example, if you plan on wearing a plaid skirt DON”T wear a ruffled shirt (the combination will create a costume-like look. Instead, try a turtle neck).  Also, stay away from “cliched plaid” like pleated mini skirts or tights!  In this case, the outfit will ultimately give you that school girl tramp look (ala Britney Spears in her infamous “Oops I Did It Again” video).

plaid4 by 1vida

And finally, if plaid outfits are not your thing, try plaid accessories.  There is so much room to play with in the accessory category; like bags, brooches and scarves.  Have fun!

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