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Sweet! Another post by Stylist Manifesto!

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m not particularly fond of pink on dudes. However, if it’s the right hue, and utilized appropriately, pink can be a nice accent to nearly any ensemble. Notice I said accent, meaning like anything else, too much is a bad thing. Let me show you what I mean as we travel to the dark side of the moon…

The wild ones all the way! Brando would rock this on the daily without hesitation! And fortunately for us, it’s not heavy at all so feel free to don this joint right NOW! $124.00 @

SoCal stand up! Straight off the surfboard we bring the heat with this Hollister tee in Neon pink! No where to run, nowhere to hide with this making itself known from beneath the marlon jacket from above. However, with the jacket and the rest of the outfit that will follow, the pink isn’t too obnoxious and the neon hue makes it far from effeminate. On sale for an incredible $11.90 @ hollister. PS: This, like all hollister tees is MAD comfortable and super soft! How do I know? I have this particular tee.

Some dark, vintage wash, distressed jeans are a perfect companion to our ‘Modern rebellion’ aesthetic. The distressed look ties into the jacket like nothing else and the dark wash perfectly balances the neon of the tee. Also on sale for $19.90 @ hollister.

The supra thunder is a minimalist interpretation of the classic hi-top. Because of its simple design and construction, it won’t detract from the rest of the ensemble. $64.00 @

A great accent in a smoking hot color! The time teller by nixon in bright rubine is an incredibly slick way to accent our tee from above. The high gloss finish is a nice way to balance out the muted jacket and suede kicks. Bright enough without going overboard. $55.00 @


Totally optional but highly recommended, these Nixon headphones are a fun alternative to the standard white earbuds that come with your iPod/iPhone. And what a great way to bring out that bright blue from your new hollister tee, no? $50.00 @

Hopefully I’ve demonstrated how to carefully rock the fair shade without looking like a prissy schoolgirl. When in doubt, rock only one pink item with your outfit and make sure it’s neon. Periwinkle isn’t for the timid.

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