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A guest post by Stylist Manifesto? Yes!:

Without a doubt, the summer has an amazing array of clothing options. For you ladies, it’s a time of breezy dresses, skirts, shorts and tops where the sleeves are totally optional. Equally important for you all is the ability to seamlessly, and fashionably, go from the professional setting to the casual one. For this entry, we’ll go ahead and explore some style options that can perform office duty as well as after hours fun! Ready? Let’s begin. Oh, and since this post is basically written exclusively for fashiongrail.com, we’re gonna pull everything from yesstyle.com


If you’re new to me, just know that I LOVE the pencil skirt on you ladies. It’s elegant, timeless, and always fashionable. This time, we’re taking the traditional pencil skirt silhouette, yet replacing the usual heavier material for a light and airy linen. To facilitate the transition from the office to girls night out or that hot date, pair this with a contrasting premium tee like the model does here. It’s more casual and is a perfect nod to your disdain for having to end that spectacular weekend you just had.

$55 for the skirt @yesstyle.com

$15 for a similar tee @yesstyle.com

$58 for modest wedge sandals that go beautifully with this ensemble also @yesstyle.com


Fun and fashionable. This polka dot printed dress is an easy way to stay within the boundaries of the corporate dress code without being stuffy. Throw on some bangin accessories (maybe a bit of boho?) to keep on truckin’ through the second day of the week. The playfulness of the dress and accessories keep you just as cute whether at work or at play.

$78 for the dress @yesstyle.com

$725 for white gold and diamond necklace @yesstyle.com

$195 for pearl and white gold earrings @yesstyle.com

I’ll leave the bracelet up to you but make sure it’s compatible with the other jewelry pieces. Think jackie-o on this one, ok?

With a thicker, flashier belt, go with equally flashy shoes. That’s why I chose these ankle-tie sandals from yesstyle.com. And at $90, they’re not budget breakers.


On wednesday, when your female coworkers are wearing that tired, mid-week gear, you’re coming fresh and beautiful to the mid-week meeting in this absolutely stunning trench inspired dress. It’s pricey, but the silk, cotton, linen blend keeps you from overheating while inspiring fond thoughts of the fall season that’s fast approaching. Pair with minimal earrings and a subtle bracelet. (perhaps drops or hoops?). Go with something other than sandals (louboutin is always appropriate), like a nice pump or comparable footwear choice. And with the neckline of this particular dress, leave out the necklace. The entire vibe of the dress screams ‘drinks with the girls downtown’ so it’s an excellent choice for going out after work without stopping at home to change!

$435 (yeah a bit higher, told ya!) @yesstyle.com

The accessories and footwear are up to you. Keep it minimal and modern so as to match the dress.


Almost the weekend but not quite, thursday kind of sucks most weeks. Why? Because the weekend is so close you can taste it, you’re over the mid-week hump, yet it’s still not friday therefore the sentence is still be served. However, you’re meeting with the hubby (at least my wife does) for coffee at starbucks and you’re going out with him later for dinner so you still need to be your gorgeous self! Fear not mami, this sleeveless, belted shirtdress is perfectly pretty and with the reintroduction of monday’s linen, a cool choice for the heatwave we’re currently in. And since it’s available in both black and oatmeal, you don’t have to be in wardrobe reruns the following week. My suggestion for jewelry and footwear? Go bold!

$90 for the dress @yesstyle.com


Casual friday is quite possibly the greatest invention of the corporate era! Now you get to show off that street style you’ll be rocking this weekend. Start off with the off-the-shoulder tee above and pair with a wide belt to match the brown in the top. You can really go with light or dark denim for this one and no, your purse does not have to match your belt. For the feet, sandals, heels, tenis, whatever! As long as it’s compatible with the rest of your look, go for it! Hats are a bonus too. Jewelry? The bigger the better. Chunky, geometric, flashy, you name it! Bold is boss! I included the cardigan below as a bonus because alot of the time the A/C is kept ice cold in the office.

$20 for the tee @yesstyle.com

$20 for the cardigan @yesstyle.com

Ok, since I’ve literally laid out your entire week, there should be no reason for you ladies to look like angela from The Office. Each day is just one more opportunity for you to demonstrate to everyone else that the workplace is your personal runway, no matter the workload. Furthermore, you don’t even need to stop by la casa pa’ cambiar before meeting for dinner or drinks! Business can be beautiful.

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