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I’m a born and raised Brooklyn girl that rarely left the city except for the occasional trip to Coney Island during the summer. One of the things I most regretted about being a city girl was not learning how to swim, so when I moved to Florida the first thing I did with my boys was take swimming lessons with them. My boys LOVED the water and immediately took to it. I was terrified of course but determined not to let them see it. In many ways this is how I face all of my fears. Whenever I’m about to embark on something that makes me feel uncomfortable I always ask myself, “what advice would I give my boys if they were put in the same situation?”

I’d like to think this small contribution led to the daredevils my boys turned out to be today. And when I watch them tackle their fears and take on sports like windsurfing at the beach, I can sit back and breathe a huge sigh of relief. I know that they’re not afraid to try anything and although you’ll never find me on a surfboard anytime soon, I still jump head first into the water without fear!

Tampa Bay Windsurfing




Sanuk #neveruncomfortable


Tampa Bay Windsurfing


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Life is full of awkward, embarrassing and downright tricky moments. But when you wear Sanuk shoes, you’ll be perfectly comfortable handling the kinds of situations that make others cringe. Find a pair that makes you comfortable at


Sanuk #neveruncomfortable



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