Must Have Monday: Adia Kibur Neon Bead & Crystal Necklace

February 20, 2012 by  
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It’s no secret that neon has made a big comeback, especially this spring.  Whether a neon tank top, belt, shoes or necklace, it’s an easy way to make a bold statement… and this Adia Kibur neon bead and crystal necklace will definitely do the trick!!  The beads keep the necklace classic (making it easy to wear for many seasons to come) and the crystals add a glamourous old school touch.  Ideas: Wear it to work under your blazer for an amazing pop of color; wear it with a tee for some unexpected glam; or use it to revive your favorite little black dress.  Available at

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2 Responses to “Must Have Monday: Adia Kibur Neon Bead & Crystal Necklace”
  1. paro says:

    lovely necklace, sophisticated colours with tribal look. just loved it.

  2. eulenkette says:

    This is a really nice looking and special necklace, but it is a little bit too big in my opinion. I wonder what kind of outfit would match this massive necklace.

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