Music I Love Right Now!!!

July 12, 2008 by  
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1. He’s got his own show on MTV out later this month.  But what got me hooked on Shwayze was his laid-back rap single “Buzzin.”  His voice and beats (which were created by Cisco Adler) are refreshing. I have a hunch he’s going to be huge.

 2. Pharrell does it again.  This time with his band – N.E.R.D and their new single “Everyone Nose” it’s the perfect club hit.

3. E=MC2 Mariah’s new Cd delivers once again.  My favorite singles are “Migrate” and “I’m That Chick.”

4. Lil Wayne may not be the best looking guy in the biz but…GENIUS!!!

Lollipop is just as addictive as the concoctions he walks around drinking.

5. She sticks out like a sour thumb in my list but DUFFY new hit “Mercy” is just HOTJ




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