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Every expectant mother will know that as soon as you’re part way through the second trimester, you won’t be able to get away with wearing your usual clothes, and will have to invest in some maternity gear that can stretch as you grow.

Remember, when you’re looking for stylish pieces, that you will only need them for a few months – choose your new wardrobe essentials wisely to avoid spending unnecessary cash. You can find all your maternity needs at George by ASDA if you’re on a budget, meaning your money will go further.

When deciding what items to buy, think of the main essentials that will help you to feel comfortable and look good during your pregnancy, including:


It’s well worth investing in a couple of pairs of maternity jeans, because frankly, they go with everything. Whether you choose Maternity Boot cut Jeans with over-the-bump support, or Maternity Skinny Jeans with an under-the-bump band, there’s plenty to choose from to add to your collection. Stonewash, black or coloured jeans are ideal as they can be dressed up for evenings out, or worn cool and casual for dressed down days.

You can’t get much more comfortable than a pair of joggers for the lazy days. Jersey cotton jogging bottoms are ideal for those days where you just feel like slouching around in maximum comfort. Alternatively, some comfortable pyjama bottoms that both look and feel good are superb once the baby is born and your family are popping round to visit the new addition.


These are essential items that need to have a little stretch in them to accommodate your growing bump. Consider the options, particularly if you’re planning to breast feed; tunics and wraps are particularly good for this reason.

A Good Bra

Invest in several good bras during and after your pregnancy. Take time to be measured at varying stages, as you grow. You need to look after your breasts and they’ll be far more comfortable with the perfect support.

Towards the end of your pregnancy, consider changing over to nursing bras if you’re intending to breastfeed, ready for your new arrival.

A Belly Belt

This invaluable piece can be all you need to save yourself some cash and use clothes that you already have. Attached to the waistband of your current trousers, a belly beltcan stretch as your bump stretches, so the need for other bottoms is minimal.

Equally, a bump band is useful to prevent you flashing your tum. Especially good in winter!

Smart Attire

Just because you’re pregnant doesn’t mean you have to hide yourself away for the duration. Invest in some pretty garments for an evening out, such as a Maternity Sheer Blouse or a Lace Panel Tunic, both available for the small price of £12 from George at ASDA.

Most of all, buy items that you’re going to feel comfortable in. Accessories can make a huge difference and they can be used again and again after birth as well. Satisfy your maternity needs on a budget and enjoy your pregnancy to the max – without maxing out your cards!



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