Making Father’s Day Special

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Father’s Day is a celebration now firmly cemented into family life in many countries around the world, but it has not always been so. The Father’s Day of the modern age originated in America in 1909, and was the creation of American-born Ms Sonora Louise Smart Dodd.  She was inspired after listening to a church sermon about Mother’s Day, and thought it only right that fathers were honoured, too.

Father’s Day is an occasion for children to show appreciation to their fathers, and involves the presentation of gifts and Father’s Day cards. Originally, these offerings may have been homemade, just a small token of appreciation but, in recent times, the occasion has become more of a money-spinner for retailers, and many people feel that it has become  too commercialised.  In any department store or supermarket today, the shopper will be confronted with shelves stocked with a wide range of products deemed to be suitable Fathers day presents, and these will range from trinkets that cost very little, putting them within the financial reach of young children, to the very expensive. Grown up sons and daughters, of course, will have more spending power, and they will spend as much as they can. What can’t be stressed enough is that it’s not the amount of money that a Fathers Day gifts cost that really matters, it’s the thought that has gone into it, and most father’s will be as pleased with a homemade card as they will with the most expensive gift.

There are plenty of Fathers Day gifts to choose from, fashionable items like cufflinks make a great gift. Or why not pick something that you and your Dad can enjoy doing together like a wine tour or a meal in restaurant. Some of the best Father’s Day gifts are about the memories you make together.

My Father’s Day will be marked with a cake made especially for the day, a homemade card, and a copy of a favourite poem, which has been printed in a decorative font and framed in an inexpensive picture frame. I know that it will be appreciated because the poem is much loved by the special man in question, and that personal thought is what Father’s Day should be all about.


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