Jayden James Rushed To The Hospital – Update!

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A source has confirmed to Entertainment Tonight that Britney Spears son, Jayden James, has been admitted to the hospital after becoming “vague and unresponsive” during their trip to Louisana.

Apparently Jayden seems to be suffering from seizures.

Sources say The entire Spears clan made the 25-mile dash to Southwest Mississippi Regional Medical Centre, Mississippi, including sister JAMIE LYNN.

Doctors were unable to pinpoint the problem straight away and kept the toddler in for overnight observation.

Distraught Britney, 26, refused to leave his side and asked for a bed next to him in the ward.
Kevein Federline is believed to be on his way to Louisana.
One said: “One minute Britney and her sons were relaxing and enjoying their first visit to Kentwood in months, and the next minute Jayden had fallen ill.

“He was vague and unresponsive so Britney dialed an ambulance.
“But she was told it would take half an hour to arrive, and she was best trying to get Jayden to the hospital herself.”

Another added: “They tore off so fast it was incredible.”

I hope this is nothing serious and he gets out soon!

UPDATE – “Jayden was hospitalized last night- doctors concluded he had a reaction to something he ingested. He is expected to be discharged tomorrow.”

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