How to Make Your Summer Makeup Last

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How to Make Your Summer Makeup Last

How to Make Your Summer Makeup Last

There’s nothing like high temps, sun and humidity to make morning’s perfectly made-up face look like a melted mess just a few hours later. But with these steps, you’ll be sure to look fresh, pretty and put-together — no matter what summer has in store:

  • Start by prepping the T-zone with a light antiperspirant product. (Use one that comes in a wipe.) Sweep lightly along your forehead, nose and chin. These are usually the first places your face perspires and starts to break down makeup.
  • Next, apply a lightweight primer. The primer will give the makeup a layer to grip.
  • Apply a lightweight foundation/tinted moisturizer with SPF. Use a brush or damp sponge to achieve a smooth, sheer finish.
  • Apply a waterproof or long-wear gel or liquid eyeliner. You can find a wide range of these at all price points. Choose a few in basic colors — like brown, black and navy — that you’ll wear daily. Pick up a couple of trendy shades, like green or purple, at the drugstore.
  • Add a few coats of waterproof mascara. Pick a formula that is multipurpose: lengthening, thickening and, if you need it, curling.
  • For cheek color, apply a light layer of a gel or liquid blush.
  • Lips should have a coat of long-wear lip stain with a bit of shine.
  • Finish with a few spritzes of a makeup-setting spray. The setting spray will lock in all the makeup and fight against melting and smudging.

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Summer Makeup

By Risi-Leanne Baranja for The Style Glossy

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