How To Buy Jeans That Fit Your Body Type

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With all the current trends out there, buying jeans can be a scary, lengthy experience. They have the skinny jean, boot cut, low cut, flared (I probably could go on but I won’t).
Here are some of my tips when shopping for jeans:

· They must have at least 2% spandex (unless they are skinny jeans). I don’t have a perfect body so spandex is a must. Especially on days when you need a little room to breathe.
· Flared jeans are great if you’ve got some booty because it balances your top & bottom (fitted tops look great with them). But if you’re like me and don’t have too much going on back there…buy them with pockets.
· Boot cut jeans usually flatter all body types.
· If you go with skinny jeans, 1% spandex is the most they should have (they’ll lose their shape if they have too much). If you’re a little insecure about wearing them try a “flowy” top. They look great with them.
· Low cut jeans are tricky to buy but soooo worth it. So unless you weigh 95 lbs or are one of the Olsen twins, always go up a size or two. I have some that are 4 sizes bigger. Sure they’re not as tight and eye catching as I’d like them to be, but they look great right out the drier.
· Oh…and when I try on jeans I will sit, bend and even strike a yoga pose to make sure there is no extra “love” hanging out on the sides. And last but certainly not the least, I always go shopping for jeans late in the day. It truly is the best way to ensure you get the right fit. If not you’ll end up with a bunch of cute jeans you can’t wear past noon!

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