How Many Handbags Do We Really Need?

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Whilst many handbags are fabulous enough to multitask, there is no doubt, and therefore no argument, that a woman needs many different bags for the many different faucets of her life. By our reckoning, the average lady needs several different types of handbags in her wardrobe, all of which serve fully functioning purposes.

The shoulder bag is an everyday essential for every woman. From small or medium, through to the oversized, the shoulder bag will hold a woman’s whole life inside it. From shoes, books, purse, make up, hairbrush, mobile phone, keys – the shoulder bag is the holding area for every product that a lady uses throughout her average day. The best shoulder bags to look out for are ones with plenty of internal and / or external pockets and pouches, as how many times have you tried to get to a ringing mobile phone at the bottom of a shoulder bag?!

Not too dissimilar in functionality to the shoulder bag, a crossover or satchel is a slightly more casual and sporty alternative. The across the body strap makes it easier to carry, and somewhat safer if you are moving around a big city or constantly on the go. Again, crossovers come in many different sizes, to extra small right through to specialist laptop carriers.

The clutch is a smaller equivalent of a shoulder bag, only it simply contains everything that you need on an evening out. Due to the reduction in size, a clutch must hold only the essentials such as mobile phone, lipstick and money. A clutch doesn’t have to be tiny, eighties large envelope style clutch’s’ are making a comeback and these can hold an impressive amount of products.

The Hobo bag is slouchy when set down, typically is of a crescent shape with a single strap. Worn on the shoulder but normally smaller than a shoulder bag, the hobo is ideal for women who don’t carry their homes in their bags and only need a few items with them during the day.

At one time not too long ago, the tote shopper was reserved only for use by the elderly. Luckily, the event of supermarkets reining in the use of their plastic bags meant that we shoppers had to start using environmentally friendly shopping bags and a new era of the tote was born.
Not technically a handbag, but just as useful, the weekender is a must have item for all. It is larger than a shoulder bag, with the practicalities of a suitcase but all the style of a great bag. It is one of the most sought after bags in fashion, sometimes bearing a waiting list of up to six years! Many different versions are available and it has just as much room as carry on suitcases and excludes far more style.

All three versions above are definitely invaluable additions to every woman’s wardrobe.



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