How Colored Diamonds Come Into Existence

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Each diamond has its own unique story to tell in how it was created over millions of years with the precise combination of heat and pressure, applied at just the right time in the formation of the stone to create the precious stone. Depending on the conditions present while the diamond was forming, the stone can take on a brilliant assortment of color. With this in mind, we will explore how colored diamonds come into existence and how some of our favorite designers of luxury diamond jewelry use these diamonds in their beautiful jewelry! Lets take a more detailed look at some of these designers who love using colorful diamonds in their wonderful collections:

Distinguished wedding ring designer Natalie K. features a brilliant assortment of natural yellow diamonds which are formed when nitrogen atoms within the gems become assembled in such a way that blue light is absorbed and yellowish hues are reflected.

Uneek Jewelry  is known for their rare collection of natural pink diamonds which are some of the most extraordinary stones on earth, formed when extra intense heat and pressure cause their diamond cubic crystal structure to distort and absorb a particular band of green light resulting the formation of a rare pink diamond.

While Naturally colored diamonds are borne from the same series of chemical reactions that create a standard colorless diamond, sometimes by sheer chance or possibly fate, foreign particles are trapped during the crystallization process which alters the chemical makeup of the stone and results in a beautiful, rare, and exceptional diamond with unique colorings.

Here’s a look at a designer who specializes in natural white diamonds.

Danhov is a unique designer that specializes in handmade jewelry. Their award-winning collections, such as the infinity Abbraccio ring, revolve around colorless diamonds created by a complex process involving superheated, highly pressurized carbon molecules close to the Earth’s core. Danhov creates each piece by hand and are known for their delicate designs that start from a single wire.

Colorful diamonds comes from only a few places in the entire world where conditions were just right for key chemical reactions to occur in the formation of these stones. When purchasing a piece of jewelry from any of these designers you can be assured that the colors and history imbued within each rare stone are just as vibrant and important as when they were sustainably harvested from the earth!


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