Hair Trends For Fall: Bangs

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Last Fall, bangs were all over the runways.  Short pixie bangs, long side swept bangs, and thick blunt bangs (my favorite).  This Fall they’re still as hot as ever.  If you’re thinking about cutting your bangs here are some things to think about first:
1. Oval and some round faces can pull off baby bangs.
2. Heart shaped faces look great with blunt cut bangs.
3. Wispy off-centered bangs would flatter a square face best.
4.  Your safest bet when getting bangs are the angled bangs.  They can take a new form with any type of hair or hair style.
5. Just remember that bangs require a lot of maintenance and can be quite difficult to control if your hair is curly.  My hair is wavy and I just bought Redkens new “Real Control” and it has helped keep my bangs in place.  I also managed to learn how to trim my own bangs.  It really is not difficult to do check out for some tips.   But if you’re still determined to rock some bangs why not try the clip-on bangs at  They are by far the most natural looking clip-ons out

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One Response to “Hair Trends For Fall: Bangs”
  1. hairlove says:

    Well bangs would always be a hit, unless there are hair over a human head. (Thats my personal opinion. I cant guess showing off a hair style without bangs.

    Checkout the bang queen Jennifer Lopez on

    Happy Banging 🙂