Gordon Ramsey Cheating Scandal

November 24, 2008 by  
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TV CHEF Gordon Ramsay is cheating on his devoted wife Tana, the News of the World can reveal.

The F-Word star—who revels in his family man image—began his affair with blonde Sarah Symonds seven years ago.

This week they met for sex at a London hotel. Hours earlier, she made a trip to Soho and bought legal sex drugs for their tryst…….read more!

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One Response to “Gordon Ramsey Cheating Scandal”
  1. David Driscoll says:

    Gordon Ramsay is the man and hasn’t been drawn into this kind of sleaze at all. I’ve ready a few reports and all he has done is make jokes about it.

    Some of my favourite include

    “What a week I’ve had. My Mum is in here tonight so I’m on my best behaviour, ooh la la. Oh f%$k it. I didn’t do it Mum, I love you.”
    “I have been up close and personal with Mrs Smith – Delia. I got in there…. She gave me a book about how to cheat – but I didn’t think anything of it at the time…. I wanted to show her my spotted dick recipe.”
    “I have had a mattress arriving this week, everyone thought it was because I had to sleep in the basement. “Mattress, mistress, mattress, what a load of bull$@#*.”

    But my personal favourite is “If things go wrong and something slips out like ‘Oh f%$k me’, I don’t mean it literally. It’s because it’s gone wrong,”