Glasses: The Necessary Accessory

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I can vividly remember the first time I was told that I needed glasses.  It was the day of my 17th birthday and after a brief moment of panic, I decided on giving myself the gift of a quirky Lisa Loeb makeover and set out to find the perfect pair glasses to go with my new look .  My first pair of glasses were a cat eye shaped pair by Armani and cost a whopping $400 (fortunately the purchase of glasses coincided with my getting a drivers license so my mom thankfully helped out). I wore them proudly for 2 years before I branched out and decided to try different styles to go with my outfits.  I loved the idea of wearing glasses and they became a integral part of my accessorizing.

Not much has changed since then – I still wear glasses – but my selection of frames has evolved over the years. Currently black frames are my go to pair and I accessorize around them.  Oftentimes glasses are the first thing that people notice, so why not make them fun and a extension of your personality!  Look for discount eyeglassesso that you can buy multiple pairs to play with. Below are two outfits for day and night that I built around  chic glasses.


A classic pair of black nerdy chic frames will never go out of style and they are perfect to wear with just about anything. I paired them up with a leather jacket, jeans and booties for a edgier feel.


These animal print frames are very similar to the ones I first had and I still love them!  I like the idea of these glasses dressed for a sexy studious look.  A midi length dress is the first thing I envisioned it with and of course red pumps….flawless!


Glasses no longer have a stigma…they’re stylish fun and sexy…now’s the time to flaunt them!

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