Get Twisted!

October 14, 2010 by  
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As a HUGE fan of the boho/rocker look, my obession with Twisted Silver should come as no surprise.  Although Twisted Silver’s vast array of accessories always demand attention, I chose to highlight the Rocker Earth necklace and the 7 bracelet to create a feminine yet boldly vintage rock n roll look.  Clearly, I love me some stripes in any outfit, and the normally conservative cardigan pictured here is the perfect “pop” when matched with sexy flared jeans.  As a final touch I threw in some booties and a floppy hat (which reminded me of the Penny Lane character played by Kate Hudson).  And that’s what I truly love about Twisted Silver…no matter what you wear you can always “twist” it into your own!

Get Twisted!

Rocker Earth Necklace – $70 at

7 Bracelet – $50 at

Floppy Hat – $14.80 at

Belted Cardigan – $44.99 at

Striped Long Sleeve T – $27 at

Flare Jeans – $47.18 at

Booties – $39.99 at

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One Response to “Get Twisted!”
  1. Stephanie says:

    Adorable outfit! I’m off to check out some of twisted silver’s other stuff