Four Styles For This Fall

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Picture A: Bohemian
Mixing patterns with colors will give you the unfinished bohemian look.  A flowing dress and chunky knit sweaters in deep colors are both cozy and flirty.  Add touches of rugged leather with bags or boots.
New boho feel site

Picture B:Classic
The Fall season is a great time to punch-up classic styles with plaid. Using neutral colors like tan and gray will allow you to play with fun shaped pieces like a wrapped jacket.  The idea is to keep lines simple and unfussy.
Best site for classic pieces

Picture C:Gothic Feel
Black lace with a billowy shape gives an outfit that romantic yet rebellious look.
This Fall take advantage of all the sexy shoes out there like platforms, booties, and stiletto heels. has a lot of the key pieces to this look.

Picture D:Modern
Minimal pieces will give your outfit that modern edge.  Try streamed-lined silhouettes like a fitted jacket.  Because you are wearing fitted pieces with clean lines, try adding bold accessories.
Best site for the modern look is

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