Five Ways To Look Pulled Together

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I’d like to say that I go to bed at the same time everyday, and that I have the perfect outfit picked out every night, a flawless makeup routine but that’s not always realistic for me or many other working moms. Instead what I’ve done is mastered the ability to look pulled together in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes without much of an effort. It’s great to be able to have a few tricks up your sleeves on busy mornings or when you’re traveling and want to just get on the road and have some fun! Below are five ways to always look pulled together.

Five Ways To Look Pulled Together

1. If you’re a jeans and tee kinda mood, layer a pretty necklace or scarf, or sexy heels and if the weather permits add some layers with a well fitted blazer and or sweater.
2. Avoid wrinkled clothing, it screams I was running late. A quick pass of the iron goes along way and it’s worth the effort.
3. Skip your makeup routine and use these things instead: lip gloss, a pink blush, and mascara or even better false eyelashes (any style will do but I lean toward understated and prefer false eyelashes). I always focus on my eyelashes to they’re like caffeine for the yes and instantly make you look wide awake!
4. In dire need of a mani but short on time? Trim nails, lather up on lotion and apply a shiny top coat.
5. If all else fails, wear a head to toe black outfit! You can never go wrong by wearing black or any monochromatic outfit because they instantly look chic and even have a slimming effect. Try it and thank me later!

Bottom line is if you keep it neat, clean and simple you’ll always look pulled together and chic! More fashion/outfit tips can be found here!

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