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With five boys it’s easy to get lost in the mix so I always try to find little things just for myself. Nothing major – it can be a handful of sunflowers from my local Publix or a drive alone to Starbucks. Every little bit helps so I decided to share them weekly.

Bring Every Room Back To Ready

It's Hard To Make A Difference When You Can't Find The Keys
This was life changing! I read about this tip on Pinterest from the book It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys by Marilyn Paul. Brining your room back to ready sounds like no brainer advice  because It’s a known fact: Clutter causes stress; order creates a haven from it but sometimes we let the chaos take control. This mood-boosting routine is really simple: Take about three minutes to bring each room back to “ready” before you depart it. This doesn’t really sound like a treat but walking into a neat room when you have 5 kids is beyond therapeutic for me and I actually look forward to it every night before bed.



Did you know June 12 was National Rose Day? I sure didn’t! Anyway, I don’t necessarily need that as an excuse to buy myself a rose. I dread going food shopping so I always treat myself to a rose for my bed stand.

Blender Bottle

Blender Bottle

Sometimes those impulse buys are the BEST! I was checking out at my local TJ Maxx and saw this cool looking blender bottle for smoothies (or formula in a pinch) and it’s amazing – mixes within seconds!

Graphic Tee

Target Graphic Tee

A soft tee with my home town Brooklyn from Target.


Tide With Downy


A brand new bottle of tide with downy! I swear I love Tide so much that if I got it as a birthday present I’d be a happy camper.

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