Fashion Tips: How To Battle the Holiday Bulge

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As our digestive systems continue to work overtime long after we’ve gorged on rich holiday foods and sweets, a lot of us are left wishing we could return the extra pounds as easily as unwanted gifts.  While I’m certainly not the the best person to give diet tips (heck I’m still clearing out the Holiday cookies) I do have a few tricks that I swear by when trying to hide that little extra bulge.  Check out my tips and some of my favorite pieces below!

A classic fave outfit of mine is a pair of flared pants or jeans with a button down, blazer and a pretty scarf dangling in front.  It’s instantly chic, never goes out of style and the scarf and blazer camouflages any flaws (while the flared bottom balances it all out).

Flared Jeans at

Blazer at

Blouse at

Scarf at

Pumps at

Make sure anything worn on top lays right over your hips (I love a good vest cause they’re great for layering).  Anything longer will creat a tent like look (not cute), and anything shorter will defeat the purpose of this post 🙂Fringe Vest at

Cardigan at

Let Banded bottom tops, sweaters and dresses take the work out of sucking it in all night. They’re not only comfy but surprisingly sexy!

Banded Top at

Black Banded Bottom Dress at

Look for ruchin on tops and dresses; they’re perfect when trying to camoflauge the lumps and bumps (and if you happen to find a top or dress in a print with ruching EVEN better).  I love ruching because it not only hides imperfections, it accentuates curves.

Ruched Bustier Dress (try pairing with a shrug or cropped blazer) at

Ruched Crewneck Dress at

Don’t go for the bigger sizes: either get it altered or get yourself a full bodied spanx.  I prefer this one because it’s SO much comfier….no need to be pulling at it all night or worrying if it’s creating a bulge elsewhere.  Wear underneath any of the pieces featured for extra figure flattering!

Bodysuit at

The higher the heels the better!  I know heels won’t hide the bulge, but they give you a sense of sexy confidence and when paired with any of the above tips – you’re good to go!

Stilettos Booties at

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