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Over the past couple of years or so fashion contact lenses have become the ‘must have’ accessory. Most of all, celebrities are going mad for them, with Paris Hilton being one of many avid fans. The reason behind Paris wearing her beautiful blue contacts as a beauty accessory is to help her get into the character she portrays in front of the cameras. Other celebrities who have been in the spotlight wearing a fabulous pair include the likes of Britney Spears, Jenifer Aniston and more recently Kim Kardashian.

I’m guessing that their hectic and maybe sleepless schedules, along with the pressure of always looking remarkable, have made fashion and beauty contact lenses a permanent accessory in their bags. It’s astonishing to find that a small accessory like coloured lenses can make such a difference to your appearance. You’re eyes almost seem to glisten and the eye area opens up, making you look fresh faced no matter how much sleep (or lack of) you’ve gained.

Searching for some beautiful fashion contacts I came across Eyesbright and instantly found what I was looking for. I found with a pair of natural brown contact lenses I could intensify my natural eye colour and the effects were amazing. However, I wanted to try something I’ve always been curious about, having some blue coloured eyes. In my opinion having dark hair and blue eyes is the perfect combination, so I took it upon myself to change the colour of my eyes completely.

The greatest thing about Eyesbright is that they accommodate and suggest contact lenses for darker eye shades. Some contact lenses don’t cover your natural colour and when this happens it can be quite disheartening. And, if you’re a little cautious about wearing a pair of colour contacts, Eyesbright’s guide section is very useful. Looking through their lenses for dark eyes collection I found these blue 3 tone contact lenses and, even if I do say so myself, I looked pretty damn good.

They were really easy to insert and sat perfectly on my eye. I can’t tell you how many compliments I received, even from my male friends who always seem oblivious to any change I make to my appearance. With colour contact lenses it’s best to wear them for a couple of hours just so your eyes get used to having a foreign body on them. Once you’re confident in wearing them, I’ve found they’re really comfortable to wear, but do make sure you don’t wear them for long periods of time, as I’ve found this can cause irritation.

I’m really impressed with the selection of lenses available to choose from at Eyesbright, I’m sure I’ll become a regular customer, especially with Halloween coming up.

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