Decorating With Plates

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I debated on DIY curtains but realized I was way too busy to tackle that right now so I kept my damask room darkening curtains from Target.

I actually love love love these curtains but I do eventually want a change. So I decided to look through some boxes I labeled decorative (aka stuff thrown around the garage) and I came across a bunch of antique plates that I always planned on hanging and use as decoration.

They didn’t offer much help for my room or living room because they didn’t match but I think they’ll be perfect in the kitchen.  Most of them where handed down from my mother in laws antique collection but I also picked up a few of my own when I lived up in Jersey and went antiquing all the time. My original plan was to hang them inside an empty frame  but I wanted to see what pintrest had to offer and I found some amazing ideas!  I might still stick to hanging within black frame to modernize them a bit and it’ll give me the option of easily swapping them out.  Tip:  Look at stores like Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx or even Goodwill for affordable stylish plates.






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