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Chasensully and its sister brand, Scout, bring together all the latest closet must-haves into two complementary collections that cater to fashionistas of all budgets. From high-end designer fabrics and details to fun one-season contemporary flair boosters, the Chasensully & Scout labels incorporate all the newest fashion-forward styles under a single shopping umbrella. Classic yet whimsical, youthful while sophisticated, and always full of color, the Chasensully and Scout collections combine the latest trends with affordability to make them must-have wardrobe pieces for every woman.

A classic high-end line at better-moderate prices, Chasensully is tailored with the finest fabrics to make special occasions extra special. The collection embraces the bold color trends of 2012, while incorporating feminine ruffles and lacework.

Reflecting contemporary style, the Scout brand affords women an opportunity to look like they just stepped off the runway every single day at a fraction of the couture cost. The collection embodies aquatic shades of turquoise and scallop prints redolent of beach parties.

To complete the look, Chasensully also offers jewelry and bags. The chunky style and bold colors of the jewelry create a one-of-a-kind finishing touch, while the eye-catching colors and prints of the purses add an easy accent to any outfit.





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