Celebrity Copycat: Miranda Kerr’s Crop Top Look for Less!

July 25, 2014 by  
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Miranda Kerr keeps her crop top casual with baggy boyfriend jeans and Birkenstocks.  I included the exact same Birkenstocks  below which usually run for about $120.  You can easily get a similar slide for way less but I personally think that if you’re going to jump on the Birkenstock band wagon it might as well be with the real deal.  They’re so so comfy and they last forever!

Celebrity Copycat

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One Response to “Celebrity Copycat: Miranda Kerr’s Crop Top Look for Less!”
  1. KikaysiKat says:

    I love reading your copycat posts as it gives me inspiration on what outfit to put on when I go out on my days. This one from miranda kerr is simple yet sexy at the same time! Love the leopard print bag!

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