Fat Joe “If It Ain’t About Money” (feat. Trey Songz)

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Chocolate Handbags: Wear Your Addiction!

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I’m all about a great handbag and Chocolate Handbags definitely has plenty to choose from!  Chocolate is a trendy yet sophisticated line that has been featured in magazines like O, the Oprah Magazine, People Style Watch and Seventeen.  Chocolate not only aims to be eco-friendly but budget friendly as well with prices ranging  from $60 – $145.  Check out some of my favorite bags below and make sure to check out Chocolate’s daily giveaways on Facebook!

Fringed Hobo

3 Way Covertible

Jeweled Hobo

Chain Fringe Clutch

Pink Floyd

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Sweet! Another post by Stylist Manifesto!

Ok, I’ll admit it, I’m not particularly fond of pink on dudes. However, if it’s the right hue, and utilized appropriately, pink can be a nice accent to nearly any ensemble. Notice I said accent, meaning like anything else, too much is a bad thing. Let me show you what I mean as we travel to the dark side of the moon…

The wild ones all the way! Brando would rock this on the daily without hesitation! And fortunately for us, it’s not heavy at all so feel free to don this joint right NOW! $124.00 @ karmaloop.com.

SoCal stand up! Straight off the surfboard we bring the heat with this Hollister tee in Neon pink! No where to run, nowhere to hide with this making itself known from beneath the marlon jacket from above. However, with the jacket and the rest of the outfit that will follow, the pink isn’t too obnoxious and the neon hue makes it far from effeminate. On sale for an incredible $11.90 @ hollister. PS: This, like all hollister tees is MAD comfortable and super soft! How do I know? I have this particular tee.

Some dark, vintage wash, distressed jeans are a perfect companion to our ‘Modern rebellion’ aesthetic. The distressed look ties into the jacket like nothing else and the dark wash perfectly balances the neon of the tee. Also on sale for $19.90 @ hollister.

The supra thunder is a minimalist interpretation of the classic hi-top. Because of its simple design and construction, it won’t detract from the rest of the ensemble. $64.00 @ karmaloop.com.

A great accent in a smoking hot color! The time teller by nixon in bright rubine is an incredibly slick way to accent our tee from above. The high gloss finish is a nice way to balance out the muted jacket and suede kicks. Bright enough without going overboard. $55.00 @ turntablelab.com


Totally optional but highly recommended, these Nixon headphones are a fun alternative to the standard white earbuds that come with your iPod/iPhone. And what a great way to bring out that bright blue from your new hollister tee, no? $50.00 @ karmaloop.com.

Hopefully I’ve demonstrated how to carefully rock the fair shade without looking like a prissy schoolgirl. When in doubt, rock only one pink item with your outfit and make sure it’s neon. Periwinkle isn’t for the timid.

Check out more fashion-forward writing @ thenorthshorestyle.com/stylistmanifesto!

Jacket Required.

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The following is a guest post by the Stylist’s Manifesto:

Certain occasions call for more upscale pieces. The normal gear worn on a daily basis just isn’t enough. Either sex absolutely NEEDS to rock these higher priced items from time to time. This is the stuff to save for. Let’s begin.


Why not begin with a knit wool sportcoat by Mr. Lauren. This is a tailored, modern fit version of the knit blazer we saw in my previous Le Mans post. But coming from the black label, we know the comfort level and durability is mad elevated. And with the sweater weight, it’s perfect for the warm weather. $750 @ Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

For summer, we’re going to go ahead and bring out the white denim. But for these, note the contrasting black stitching, it breaks up the white and subliminally nods to the dove gray knit sport jacket (black + white = gray, dig?). $286 @ Nordstrom.

If white is a bit bright for your taste, go ahead and grab some light wash denim instead. These are semi-distressed and lend a ruggedness to the ensemble, perfectly balancing the crisp jacket. $328 @ Nordstrom.

Keeping with the freshness of the outfit, we’re going to choose this textured micro check button-down from Armani. Light and airy (since it’s a silk and linen blend), this’ll fit right in with our sportcoat. $315 @ Nordstrom.

This raw oxford is actually linen! What a beautifully unique twist on such a classic. The unfinished stitching is phenomenal and definitely sets off the rest of the outfit. $295 @ Nordstrom.

If the oxford is a bit too formal for you, why not slip into these Adidas Y-3 hayworth mid’s? The unique pattern is absolutely magnificent! The translucent rear panel especially! $304 @ Zappos.

Simple and elegant. Bold and bright. The fresh-from-the-kitchen 51-30 from Nixon is all-ceramic (5 times harder than steel!) and just stunning! I’d probably give one of my kidneys for this one!$2,395 @ Watchismo.

This linen scarf (a breezy linen/cashmere/silk blend from Brioni) is a beautiful lavender that is a perfect garnish to the look we’ve created today! Be sure to tie it in an ignorant way, since nothing in this post is mediocre. $375 @ Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

Last but not least, let’s ditch the traditional messenger bag and go for a brazen duffle. Trust me, if you show up at the next client meeting and drop this deep blue leather duffle bag by Gucci on the table, gasps will follow. And don’t think Italy doesn’t know how to make a durable bag! This will definitely survive the spray of lake michigan when you carry your gear in it on your boat. And yes, it’s roomy enough to carry your baby’s bathing suit too! $2,390 @ Sak’s Fifth Avenue. Now, about said lady of yours…


This silk blend strapless dress has a very pretty laser-cut floral print that shines beautifully next to the other florals you’ll see this spring/summer. Unique and gorgeous! $695 @ Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

Christian does it again with these oh-so-romantic lace and satin pumps! The subtle and sexy floral print is a perfectly feminine compliment to the dress we started with. $995 @ Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

For a splash of color, why not go with Mr. Louboutin’s coral patent pumps? A traditional silhouette, but with an amazing designer’s usual flair! $735 @ Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

Pearls are a timeless and enduring piece that should always be a part of a woman’s jewelry collection. If you’re curious about where to start, why not begin with these Mikimoto pearl/white gold/diamond earrings? $2,550 @ Sak’s Fifth Avenue. 

Fortunately. Mikimoto makes a stunning companion piece, this necklace! The same beautiful cultured pearls, also paired with diamonds set in white gold. Note the floral scheme we’re maintaining, perfect for spring and summer! $2,750 also @ Sak’s.

*Sigh* Prada, why must you be so hot?! This evening bag by the famous design house is a metal mesh with some bangin’ detailing throughout! Not subtle in the least, stepping out with this one will definitely set you apart! $2,100 @ Sak’s.

If Prada wasn’t belligerent enough for you, hon’, Judith Leiber has you covered with this austrian crystal and brass covered evening clutch. The starburst pattern goes wonderfully with the dress we selected and the matching jewelry! $3,995 @ yep, you guessed it, Sak’s Fifth Avenue.

This agate bracelet by Zoe is a free flowing feminine statement. The thin platinum and diamond strip is a modern and elegant plus to an already gorgeous piece. $7,700 @ Barney’s New York.

Mark Davis has crafted this exquisite bangle inlaid with amethyst and gold that is a gorgeous burst of color for our outfit! And the pattern is a great nod to either of the evening bags above.$4,380 @ Barney’s New York.

Even though this post was priced higher than my usual ones, there can be no denial of the style that has been shown here. When the pocket book allows, grab at least a few of these items and I promise you, male or female, you won’t regret it!

Check out more fashion forward thinking at www.thenorthshorestyle.com/stylistmanifesto

From russia with love. By Stylist’s Manifesto.

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The 60’s are a definite example of the best and worst of fashion. On the one hand, you have the awful hippie look, but on the other, you have the wonderfully chic british spy. This is the style we’ll be reinterpreting today. The great thing about fashion is that the hybridization of decades of style yields nothing less than spectacular results! Check out the examples below and take on the modern Goldfinger, Dr. No, and yes, even Dr. Evil! Grooovy baby, yeah!

The houndstooth jacket is a timeless staple and should be a part of every man of mystery’s wardrobe. This interpretation ($92.95 @ karmaloop.com) takes the college professor to the extreme with the lettered back. Although belligerent, it works perfectly for those days in starbucks spent writing on your laptop.

Since this is a modern re-imagining, we’re going to go ahead and replace the slacks usually seen with a sharp blazer with simple raw indigo denim choice from LRG (on sale for $65 @karmaloop.com). The fit isn’t overly baggy yet remains out of the nut-hugger category. Perfect for concealing the derringer strapped to your ankle to, 007…

The button-down (like this one for $25 @karmaloop.com) is, of course, a nice complement to the jacket above and the kicks coming next.

These are amazing on SO many levels. Burgundy, Suede, Hi-top?! The suede lends a classic vibe while the silhouette and construction of the shoe puts an entirely modern spin on it. With these joints (a STEAL at only $68 @karmaloop.com), sean connery’s bond steps into 2010 with impeccable style.

Check out more fashion forward posts @ Stylistmanifesto.com!

hellMOTO 2.0

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Yay! Another guest post by Stylist’s Manifesto:

By now, if you’re occupying one of the regions experiencing temp drops, you are certainly rocking heavier jackets. Here we come back to one of my favorites, just in a different way: the motorcylce jacket. This time, we dress it up a bit with the next level combo:

1. Moto jacket.

(This one is a beautiful lambskin version available at nordstrom.com for $1,595)

2. Button down.

(This BOSS black is available at nordstrom.com as well for $125.00)

3. Scarf (ESSENTIAL).

(80’s purple has some PHENOMENAL examples like this one for $27 by Obey)

4. Leather or suede kicks (if you have to go sneaker, make it nice i.e. Puma fashion, etc). Boots are great or at least a chunkier bottom variant of your favorite style (oxford, etc).

(This suede oxford from nordstrom.com at $99.99 is a nice, supple brown and is a great companion to the moto jacket from above as it breaks from the traditional black on black. Pair this with a suede belt to really show off your fashion sense.)

5. Premium, fitted denim or slacks (wool perhaps?).

(These 80’s purple jeans by postage are $125 and are a straight-fit,which is essential so as to not detract from the overall outfit. Too baggy looks juvenile and nuthuggers just aren’t fair to anyone.)

5. Optional but HIGHLY recommended: modern fit sweater (there should be no bunching up anywhere). I usually go wool, cashmere, or a blend of either.

(This $125 cashmere and silk v-neck by ralph lauren is lightweight and it’s dark navy color isn’t a distraction. I often pair one of my darker v-necks with a belligerent button-down. Maybe a gorgeous check, or perhaps a plum hue?)

Alternate: swap #2 for a turtleneck, also modern fit.

(This cashmere turtleneck is ON SALE right now at macy’s for only $104.99! Perhaps you’d like to rock it with the oxfords above? The 60’s euro-chic vibe is a sophisticated way to make ya mark!)

When you’re considering scarf choices, lean away from conservative when possible. Even if you choose a relatively neutral color, go for an ignorant width or knot it in a way that stands out. And yes, regardless of the temperature, the Arab scarf is always welcome. To switch it up, just tie it as you would a traditional one. When you look at your closet and think ‘which button-down?’ try a darker choice from time to time. A dark, tightly patterend flannel perhaps? Or a muted stripe? The same boldness regarding darkness should by no means stop at the shirt. Denim, slacks, even footwear can all benefit from a little romp on the darkside (not all at once mind you). The beauty of this look is the limitless possibility for creativity! This update to the first variant of the moto aesthetic removes the casual elements and replaces it with a wonderfully dressier group of pieces that are a refreshing change appropriate for showing off your impeccable style.

Check out more by Stylist at Stylistmanifesto.com

Duffle Bag Boy

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The following is a guest post by Stylist Manifesto:

One of the great things about the cooler seasons is the ability to change up your outerwear. Still want some wear out of those nautical footwear choices? Why not pair them with a duffle-coat? It’s bold and the ocean aesthetic is a welcome change to the standard peacoats we’re seeing currently. Check out the examples below and note the pairings. Oh, and like all jackets/blazers/and outerwear, the fit should be tailored, never hanging off you.

The black duffle coat above ($110.95 @karmaloop.com) goes great with these brash supra tk societies ($140 @ karmaloop.com).

This one for the ladies ($145 @ karmaloop.com) is actually a mash-up between the bomber jacket and the duffle. Mad unique and extra stylish for when it’s frigid afuera!

This take on the traditional duffle coat is one of my favorites because of it’s unique collar, great for making ya mark, especially since it’s only $84.95 @karmaloop.com.

This brown joint ($284 at karmaloop.com) can be set off with any of the footwear choices above or, for a change, a lighter mid-height boot (like the one below for $110 @ karmaloop.com).

This example for you ladies in striking yellow is a not-so-subtle way of giving a quick nod to the upcoming warmer spring we’re all waiting for (And it’s on sale for $104.95 @ karmaloop.com!).

The hooded joint like this heather gray one is just perfect for those days where the mood and weather are the same color. Pick it up for $124.95 @ karmaloop.com and make sure you cop the army blue skytops for $147 @ 80spurple.com while you’re at it.

Check out more by Stylist at Stylistmanifesto.com

Vampire Weekend – Cousins

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Celebrity Copycat: New Moon’s Rob Pattinson’s Look for Less!

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A scruffy Robert Pattinson is just as irresistible as his new Moon character, Edward Cullen, in his unbuttoned white shirt, long wool coat and slacks at the British premiere.  Get Rob’s look for less!

Picture 8

Wool-Blend Top Coat – $79.50 at OldNavy.com

Timberland Black Earth Keepers Boot – $185 at UrbanOutfitters.com

Levi’s Twill Pants – $49.50 at PacSun.com

Men’s Poplin Shirt – $24.50 at OldNavy.com

Five Fabulous Coats for Under $100!

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Don’t have to break the bank this year to stay warm.  Check out these five coats all under $100!

Picture 6

1.Tie-Waist Wool Blended Coat – $78 at Yesstyle.com

2. Ivory Fleece Double Breasted Winter Coat – $30.99 at Amiclubwear.com

3. Fur Trim Herringbone Coat – $59.50 at Wetseal.com

4. Shield Button Coat – $42.80 at Forever21.com

5. Plaid Hooded Coat – $36.99 at CharlotteRusse.com

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