5 Tricks To Making Your Make-Up Last Throughout The Day

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Can anyone find the will to get up an hour early for work, just to create a picture-perfect, long-lasting look? There must be a way to achieve beauty that holds throughout the day without all the (wo)man-hours. Most of us have ten minutes (if we’re lucky) to apply our go-to look, before rushing out the front door.  Apply your beauty products tactically to get more mileage out of your makeup with these five tricks.

24/7 Eyes


Do you find that your mascara gives up its day job by lunchtime? Set your eyelashes with a curler heated under a hair dryer. Check that the metal is touchable before you gently crimp your lashes, twice in the middle and near the tips. This’ll open the eye and create a fantastic flick for the mascara to work with.


Before applying your eye makeup, prime your lids with a base – perhaps a neutral shade of shadow or an eye primer like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion – before continuing with your other beauty products. When you line your eyes, ditch the pencil for either liquid or gel alternatives, so your style will last until bed time.


For lashes with staying power, you’ll have to apply several thin coats of mascara. If you’re looking for volume, dust your lashes first with translucent powder. Unless you want to look like a member of KISS, wear waterproof mascara, as the British weather is not your friend.


Touch-Up On-The-Go


It’s always worth keeping a few beauty lifelines in your bag. Concealer is great for covering up any breakouts or panda marks around your eyes. Ladies with oily skin should consider carrying around powder to lightly matte-out glossy areas during the day – don’t apply too much though, as it’ll look as if you’re wearing a mask.


Your Skin


Before you do anything, leave your moisturiser to soak in to your skin for at least five minutes before applying your foundation. Only apply to areas that need attention before sealing off with powder. For a bulletproof look, many women swear by foundation primer, so give that a test run, but remember to always use products that are suited to your skin type.


Smell Gorgeous All Day Long


Look amazing and smell gorgeous by applying your perfume to areas that last. Although applying your favourite perfume to your inner wrists is the traditional way to go, there are other pulse pointsthat help you radiant scent for longer – these include: behind the ears, behind the knees, the base of the throat, the inner elbows, and down the cleavage – so experiment with perfume application and find out what works for you.


Long-Lasting Lips


The mouth is always a danger point. More often than not, lipstick ends up on our chin or teeth, around cups and half-eaten sandwiches. Even after a few hours, our colour has almost completely faded.


Although you may have to reapply once or twice, you can help your lipstick hold by pencilling in your lips first. Instead of pressing the makeup directly on to your pouters, use a lip brush to press on flawless layers of colour and seal in with a light swipe of gloss. Perfect!


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How do you make your make-up last throughout a busy day? Share your tips in the comments below!

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