The 3 Most Popular Diamond Stud Shapes

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Diamond stud earrings are a must have in any women’s wardrobe. They are perfect for all those important occasions in your life. From weddings to birthdays and everything in between. Or reserved for when you want to add a little extra sparkle to a special outfit.

Just looking at sparkling diamond stud earrings is a pleasure. Wearing them a privilege.

So perhaps now is the right time for hinting to your partner what a wonderful romantic gift a pair of diamond studs would make this coming holiday season. With Christmas just around the corner now, lets look at the 3 most popular diamond studs styles for the upcoming holiday season.


  1. Round Diamond Studs

Round diamonds continue to be the number one choice for diamond stud earrings. And it is really no big surprise. Round diamond studs are timeless. They go with any outfit, look beautiful on every woman and yes even celebrities love round diamonds too. Their classical elegance never fades.

It is unlikely this will change any time soon. Round diamond studs will be the most popular choice for ladies purchasing studs for a long time to come.


  1. Cushion Cut Diamond Studs



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In recent years cushion cut diamonds have seen rising demand from educated consumers. In large part this is thanks to the internet and all the diamond information available at your fingertips.

Diamond studs expert Bob Jensen from Studs Direct says the popularity of cushion cut diamonds has increased rapidly over the years. ìCushion cut diamonds may overtake princess cuts in popularity soon. We have many customers purchasing cushion cut diamond studs now. Whereas before cushion cuts were not this popularî.

Cushion cut diamonds are now the third most popular choice for diamond stud earrings.


  1. Princess Cut Diamond Studs

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No list of popular diamond cuts would be complete without mentioning princess cut diamonds. Princess cut diamonds demand peaked in the early 2000s and demand is steadily decreasing as other diamond shapes become more fashionable.

Whilst the popularity of princess cut diamonds has decreased in recent years there is still strong demand for princess cut studs. They display unique fire and sparkle that is unmatched by other diamond shapes. Making princess cut studs the second most popular diamond studs available


Colored Diamonds Enter Mainstream Fashion

According to diamond industry sources, the popularity of colored diamonds is booming worldwide. Fuelled by a growing consumer appetite for sophisticated rarer diamonds. The internet has created greater awareness for the beauty of colored diamonds.

Blue diamond studs are commonly available from many jewellery vendors. However if you see another lady with blue diamond studs, chances are her diamonds are treated. Natural untreated blue diamond prices are out of reach for most of us.

Treated colored diamonds are cheaper than natural untreated colored diamonds. Some treated colored diamonds still remain expensive. Particularly pink color shades.

But unless you are a diamond expert, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference between treated and untreated diamonds. Usually a hint comes from the price colored diamonds are being offered at compared with the prices of similar diamonds.

Whatever your choice of diamond shape and color. It is important to make sure you purchase diamonds certified by a reputable laboratory and guaranteed to be conflict-free. Nobody wants a conflict diamond!


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