Dislike Your Legs? What to Wear, and How to Help Them Look Better

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If you’re enjoying winter a little too much because of the ability to cover up your legs, you may want to look into whether there’s anything you can do to get some relief. First, you can wear outfits that show but minimize your legs. Second, you can look into treatments that can improve the look of your legs. Approaching the issue from two sides will help to build your confidence in your body, and will also make sure that you always look your best.

Fashion Tips for Minimising Legs
There are a number of different approaches that you can take when choosing a summer outfit that shows off your best features rather than your legs. First, skirts and dresses will generally keep you cooler than jeans, so it’s best to examine what cuts and styles will flatter your legs the most.

A-line midi skirts that end below the knee are a classic choice. Just make that you choose a length that ends closer to your ankle rather than the mid-calf, so that it shows off your legs at the slimmest part. If an A-line cut isn’t your thing, consider a maxi-dress or wide-leg flowy trousers. The maxi-dress can be belted to give your body more shape, and pair the wide-leg trousers with a tighter-fitting top. Both styles can accentuate your waist, as well as covering up your legs.

If these styles don’t quite fit what you like, simply draw attention away from your legs by wearing a darker or plain style trousers or skirt, with a brighter or more patterned top. This will draw the eye towards your top half, leaving you free to choose a wider range of styles for your lower half.

Improving The Look of Your Legs
There are three big steps that you can take to help your legs look smoother and more aesthetically pleasing: exfoliation, treatment for varicose veins, and radio frequency skin tightening.

Exfoliation is the first and easiest step that you can take to help your legs look better when wearing dresses and skirts. Doctor Engelman, a dermatologist, notes that exfoliation is “a great way to boost circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite in the legs by removing dead, flaky skin cells resting on the surface of the skin”. Just make sure you exfoliate right: first use a dry brush, then an exfoliating scrub. To ensure that your skin doesn’t get dried out, then use an oil (like bio-oil) to replace the moisture in your skin, followed by a lightweight moisturiser.

Next, consider getting treatment for any varicose veins that might be affecting the look of your legs. There are a number of different treatments available, and many of these are non-invasive and simple. If you have blue or greenish veins that are visible on your legs, treatment can help to reduce the appearance of these. If you are experiencing pain or a feeling of pressure and swelling in your legs, this could be a sign that you have varicose veins that are getting worse. Treatment can also help this pain to go away.

The most common non-invasive treatment is called endovenous laser treatment (EVLT). An ultrasound is used to find the leaking vein, and then small keyhole surgery incisions are made in the skin. The vein is closed inside the leg, without having to remove the vein or make a large incision. The procedure is the treatment of choice for many practitioners, and the benefits are that it is quick, and leaves no scarring.

Finally, you can consider getting radio-frequency treatment for your legs. This type of treatment can help to minimise the appearance of wrinkles, excess fatty tissues, or cellulite. As people age, it is common for wrinkles around the knees to develop, called “kninkles”. Radio-frequency treatment uses heat energy to reshape the layers of tissues underneath the skin. This can help to smooth the appearance of the skin around your knees, and can also help to alleviate cellulite on the thighs or calves.

If you want to feel more comfortable showing your legs in skirts and dresses, it can help to take measures that improve the appearance of your skin. By taking simple steps like exfoliation, treating varicose veins, and alleviating cellulite and wrinkles, you can feel more positive about wearing summer dresses and showing your legs.

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