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Working from home is definitely a blessing and I can’t really complain about it but there are two very distinct downsides to working where you live especially when you have kids.  The first one is finding the motivation to get up, get dressed and look presentable especially when pregnant and already have 4 kids.  I normally wake up at 6 a.m., start working by 7 and get kids ready and out the door for school by 9.   I show up in just about anything I can get my hands on and lately it’s gotten worse because of the pregnancy. Thank god no one knows what I do for a living because they’d think I was crazy! lol At around noon when I take a break for lunch I muster up the strength and find something cute and presentable to wear.  It really is a bad habit that I constantly need to keep in check.

The second one is knowing when to stop working.  It’s so easy to blur the line between the home life and work life.  It can be midnight and I will remember something I need to do, feel the need to check on a urgent email or find an outfit I want to write about…it never ends and while  I love what I do I need to work on balance

Lately I’ve been trying to take it easy and rest so I’ve been looking up some quick maternity outfits for inspiration and I found a TON.  Hopefully this will help out my morning funk but as far as knowing when to stop working I will have to keep you updated on that one. 🙂  Any tips from work at home moms?  Would love to hear your feedback

Jessica Alba’s outfit are always a favorite of mine.  I’d try this out with flats or ankle booties because I feel like the boots would shorten my already short (and now thick) legs.

Jessica Alba via Pinterest

Jenna Dewan is probably the prettiest pregnant woman I’ve ever seen!  Her style throughout her pregnancy was flawless and never over the top.

Jenna Dean via Baby Razzi

Kourtney Kardashian’s maternity style was always on point!  This look is simple, casual and chic.

Kourtney Kardashian via lifestyle Yahoo

LOVE Claudia Schiffer’s boho feel outfit!  image via Babble

Etsy Gift Guide: Vintage Decor Under $50

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I love to buy and give vintage gifts.  I tend to keep the gifts small so I can focus more on the details and not so much the price and the smaller it is the more fun it will be to work into a package type of gift (I love pulling together a variety of little gifts to create a custom one).  The first place I hit up when looking for those unique gifts is Etsy.  There’s tons of options in all sorts of price ranges and a good amount of variety for men and women.  Check out some favorite finds for the vintage lover in your life.

Who doesn’t love candles?  These vintgae candle clip holders are perfect for a mantle or as a table center piece.  Make it extra special by wrapping red ribbon around each one.

Christmas Candle Clip Holders – $23.95

For the crafty one on your list a lot of unique door knobs would be perfect!  You can use them to hang necklaces, bracelets and scarfs.  Buy the lot and wrap in a pretty box with a some accessories.

Antique Door Knobs – $33

A fun owl decanter to add to someone collection or if you want tot start one for them.

Retro Owl Decanter – $18

A wine bottle coaster will definitely be appreciated by any wine lover.  Bonus bottle of wine will win you extra points!

Wine Bottle Coaster – $14

A beautiful bakelite cover will make a nice addition to anyone kitchen.

Bakelite and Anber Bowl – $17

Gift this book stand along with a copy of your loved ones favorite book.

Metal Light Book Stand – $28

5 Must Have Coats Under $100

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When I lived up north I chose coats the  way I chose outfits.  I’m one of those people that will look all decked out in a fab coat, accessories and be wearing black leggings and a sweatshirt underneath (and guess what…I’m proud of it!).  I still do the same only with lightweight coats during cooler temps.  Below are some coats that’s I’m currently drooling over and make me wish I was back up north again.

 Faux Fur Trimmed Coat – $60 at
White Shawl Coat – $69.99 at
Yukon Quilted Coat – $98 at
Faux Fur  – $69.95 at
Toggle Coat – $99.90 at

Celebrity Copycat: Rachel Zoe’s Look for $100!

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This Copycat has been a challenge in more ways than one! When I was asked to find a few looks for under $100, I decided to stick to regular sizes as opposed to maternity clothes to accommodate my bump because I wanted to be able to use the pieces later on. While shopping at Kmart I knew I wanted a somewhat dressy yet comfy outfit for Thanksgiving and as soon as I saw the maxi skirt and sherling vest it reminded me of a similar outfit on Rachel Zoe.  The vest and the shoes are what make the outfit and both pieces were only $30!  The comfy skirt and top together were only $22 and the fab tote was only $30 with 30% off.  The grand total was around $104 but since I became a member last month Kmart took 10% off the entire total bringing it down to $100 – SCORE!

This is probably my favorite outfit because of the boho vibe that I’ve always loved. I know I’ve said this about other outfits, but this is another look that can be broken down and dressed up even more with some sequins or made more casual by adding flats or boots.  It’s what I look for in all the pieces in my closet: versatility, affordability and of course stylish!

Sherling Vest – $29.99 | Maxi Skirt – $12 | Black V Neck Tee – $9.99 | Tote – $20.99 | Platform Wedges – $29.99




Rachel Zoe image via x17online

Stylish Cravings: Spiked Beanies

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Fall is definitely here and it’s time to pull out those cozy beanies!  This season I’m LOVING these studded beanies that come in three fun colors for only $6.80 from Forever21 !!!!  Perfect way to inject a edgy feel to all your fall basics and a great gift for yourself or a loved one.  Check them out below and a cute casual outfit to wear them with.

Studded Beanie – $6.80 at

Faux Leather Jacket | Floral Peplum Top | Boyfriend Jeans | Booties | Glasses 

5 Trendy Homecoming Accessories of 2013

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Are you looking to make a statement on that special night? Well then, it’s time to complement the homecoming dress with the right kind of accessories. In fact, they should be no-brainers regardless of whether you’re wearing a formal gown or something causal.

Below are some tips on how to get the right accessories to go with your dress while being in line with the latest trends at the same time.


Big earrings, such as hoops and chandelier are quite popular and look dazzling on most occasions, but sometimes they can take the attention away from you and make themselves the center of attention.

So for homecoming this year, go simple and try some smaller studs along with an up-do that makes them visible without stealing the attraction you deserve.

Go for pearls or crystal studs that complement the color of your dress. The up-do you choose to go with the earrings can be of any kind, but some of the latest trends include a sleek bun or a messy chignon.


Finding the appropriate rings for homecoming  can be a challenge since there are so many designs available. Gemstone rings that include stones made from gold and sapphire, or a mixture of both, are quite the rage these days as they complement most evening dresses.

Moreover, the colorful options aren’t as limited as they were a few years ago. The different types of sapphire rings offered by brands that deal in contemporary styles shows that there are a multitude of available colors like blue, yellow, black, etc. Front Jewelers even offers a pretty pink sapphire rings as an option.

On the other hand, if you like gaudy rings, try out something big  and bold with rhinestones and sapphire. A plain band with a single sapphire on it as an adornment would do justice if you decide to go with simple and elegant look.


Statement necklaces might make your outfit pop, but for a formal occasion like homecoming, a short chain necklace would serve the purpose.

You can select something with a delicate chain in gold or silver and a small, delicate charm that goes with your homecoming dress.

For instance, if you’re going with a dress that features some bling, an ideal option would be a necklace with a rhinestone charm.

Hair Accessories

This year, headpieces/ headbands are the most flattering hair accessory. However, avoid something too overbearing for the event.

Instead, you can get a simple and elegant little piece with beading and pearls that add a little elegance to your hair yet completes your outfit with the perfect dose of glamour.

Also, make sure that the elastic of the headband is stretchable and soft enough to fit in with comfort and ease, so that you can enjoy a comfortable experience throughout the night.

Clutch Purses

Clutch purses are perhaps the most appropriate accessory for homecoming to carry the necessities. Among the offerings available, metallic clutches in varying designs are setting the trend this year.

If animal print is your forte, a metallic clutch with an animal print design would be a good option. However, if your dress is very simple in design and doesn’t require anything bold, go with a clutch purse with sequins covering its entire surface–this creates a metallic effect.  It is also important that you consider a small size so that that you can carry it around with ease.

These accessories will give your look some extra personality without looking overdone.




image via Pinterest

Celebrity Monogram Necklace Review

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I’m maniacal about jewelry!  I have thousands of pieces that range anywhere from dainty rings to studded leather bracelets. But my favorite pieces are the ones that have some type of meaning and personalization. Among my favorite piece is my Carrie inspired name necklace that I got to review from My Name a few years back and it’s always on heavy rotation.  So when I was contacted once again to review another piece I jumped at the chance.

This time I decided to go with the celebrity monogram necklace  seen on celebs like Lauren Conrad and Taylor Swift.  I was going to get it with my boys initials but they only allow 3 letters and I needed 4 (soon to be 5) so instead I got mine with the initials LPH (for Love, Peace and Happiness).  I received the monogram necklace within 7 days of ordering, which is insanely quick for a personalized piece. It’s just beautiful and the length is PERFECT, which is something that I always struggle to find (it’s always either too long or too short!). The length on this piece was not only short enough to layer with other favorites but also long enough to stand alone.

 Beautiful personal gift and if you use code ‘FASHIONGRAIL‘ you get 10% off!!

Celebrity Copycat: Hilary Duff’s Look for Less!

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I love the way Hillary Duff dresses and I don’t think she’s given enough credit for her style.  She’s famous and has access to top designers but she always manages to keep a good balance between classic, trendy and sexy.  Best of all she has a girl next door style that is refreshing and relatable.  Here’s a great example: edgy leather pants toned down with a chambray top and booties. Stylish, sexy and perfect for a young mom.

Faux Leather Leggings – $11 at | Chambray Top – $29 at  | Booties – $19.99 at | Turquoise Ring – $35 at | Leather Cuff – $9.99 at

Brown Boots & Black Leggings

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I love the way black and brown look together.  It screams fall and it gives the color black a cozier feel.  It’s a great casual look that can easily be worn by pairing with comfy leggings and brown boots.  Perfect weekend outfit or for the busy mom on the go.  Pair with a blazer, a chunky knit sweater, a tunic or even a sweatshirt and you’re good to go!  Check out some affordable leggings and brown boots that will go with just about anything sitting right in your closet and check out how I wore my new brown boots from Kmart in last weeks copycat.
Easton Boots – $52.99 at | Knit Leggings – $35 at | Mohair Lip Sweater – $23 at
Chambray  Top – $69 at | Striped Layring Tee – $49 at | Knit Leggings – $35 at  | Brown Booties – $89 at | Faux Fur Scarf – $69.50 at | Gold Chain – $70 at
Suede Boots – $54.99 at | Knit Leggings – $35 at  | Military Blazer – $49 at

Celebrity Copycat: Julianne Hough’s Look for $100!

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Julianne Hough’s look is perfect combination of feminine with a masculine touch. I’ve been meaning to do a copycat on her for a while but I could never find the right jacket.  I’m so glad I waited because this jacket by Now + Here  from Sears is almost identical and only cost $35!  Just recently I did a copycat of Jessica Alba with items from Kmart and this time around I was just as successful finding “look for less pieces at Sears.

The selection at the Westshore Mall Sears in Tampa was unbelievable!  The layout was perfect and made finding everything super easy, best of all the price points were a huge relief for budget conscious people like me.  My two favorite sections where the women’s Now +Here section, the junior department. and of course the shoe department  This is where I found the jacket that was 40% off, the skinny jeans for only $11.99, and the booties for only $19.99 (along with all of the other fab pieces in this look).  My experience was so pleasant at Sears that I already have plans to go back and shop for my kids and take holiday pictures while I’m there. Check out my look for less and some other pieces that I found and loved as well.

Now + Here Anorak – $34.99 | Lace Blouse – $23.99 | Bongo Skinny Jeans – $12.99 | Crossbody Chain Bag – $15 | Booties – $19.99




Make sure to check out my instagram (@fashiongrail) for other great finds I found while shopping at Sears.

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