Glasses: The Necessary Accessory

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I can vividly remember the first time I was told that I needed glasses.  It was the day of my 17th birthday and after a brief moment of panic, I decided on giving myself the gift of a quirky Lisa Loeb makeover and set out to find the perfect pair glasses to go with my new look .  My first pair of glasses were a cat eye shaped pair by Armani and cost a whopping $400 (fortunately the purchase of glasses coincided with my getting a drivers license so my mom thankfully helped out). I wore them proudly for 2 years before I branched out and decided to try different styles to go with my outfits.  I loved the idea of wearing glasses and they became a integral part of my accessorizing.

Not much has changed since then – I still wear glasses – but my selection of frames has evolved over the years. Currently black frames are my go to pair and I accessorize around them.  Oftentimes glasses are the first thing that people notice, so why not make them fun and a extension of your personality!  Look for discount eyeglassesso that you can buy multiple pairs to play with. Below are two outfits for day and night that I built around  chic glasses.


A classic pair of black nerdy chic frames will never go out of style and they are perfect to wear with just about anything. I paired them up with a leather jacket, jeans and booties for a edgier feel.


These animal print frames are very similar to the ones I first had and I still love them!  I like the idea of these glasses dressed for a sexy studious look.  A midi length dress is the first thing I envisioned it with and of course red pumps….flawless!


Glasses no longer have a stigma…they’re stylish fun and sexy…now’s the time to flaunt them!

5 Tricks To Making Your Make-Up Last Throughout The Day

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Can anyone find the will to get up an hour early for work, just to create a picture-perfect, long-lasting look? There must be a way to achieve beauty that holds throughout the day without all the (wo)man-hours. Most of us have ten minutes (if we’re lucky) to apply our go-to look, before rushing out the front door.  Apply your beauty products tactically to get more mileage out of your makeup with these five tricks.

24/7 Eyes


Do you find that your mascara gives up its day job by lunchtime? Set your eyelashes with a curler heated under a hair dryer. Check that the metal is touchable before you gently crimp your lashes, twice in the middle and near the tips. This’ll open the eye and create a fantastic flick for the mascara to work with.


Before applying your eye makeup, prime your lids with a base – perhaps a neutral shade of shadow or an eye primer like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion – before continuing with your other beauty products. When you line your eyes, ditch the pencil for either liquid or gel alternatives, so your style will last until bed time.


For lashes with staying power, you’ll have to apply several thin coats of mascara. If you’re looking for volume, dust your lashes first with translucent powder. Unless you want to look like a member of KISS, wear waterproof mascara, as the British weather is not your friend.


Touch-Up On-The-Go


It’s always worth keeping a few beauty lifelines in your bag. Concealer is great for covering up any breakouts or panda marks around your eyes. Ladies with oily skin should consider carrying around powder to lightly matte-out glossy areas during the day – don’t apply too much though, as it’ll look as if you’re wearing a mask.


Your Skin


Before you do anything, leave your moisturiser to soak in to your skin for at least five minutes before applying your foundation. Only apply to areas that need attention before sealing off with powder. For a bulletproof look, many women swear by foundation primer, so give that a test run, but remember to always use products that are suited to your skin type.


Smell Gorgeous All Day Long


Look amazing and smell gorgeous by applying your perfume to areas that last. Although applying your favourite perfume to your inner wrists is the traditional way to go, there are other pulse pointsthat help you radiant scent for longer – these include: behind the ears, behind the knees, the base of the throat, the inner elbows, and down the cleavage – so experiment with perfume application and find out what works for you.


Long-Lasting Lips


The mouth is always a danger point. More often than not, lipstick ends up on our chin or teeth, around cups and half-eaten sandwiches. Even after a few hours, our colour has almost completely faded.


Although you may have to reapply once or twice, you can help your lipstick hold by pencilling in your lips first. Instead of pressing the makeup directly on to your pouters, use a lip brush to press on flawless layers of colour and seal in with a light swipe of gloss. Perfect!


This post has been provided today by Own a salon business? Try buying your beauty products wholesale to save some pennies!


How do you make your make-up last throughout a busy day? Share your tips in the comments below!

Candy Corn Inspired Mani

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My first attempt at nail art was for a Revlon color closet where I did a matte urban blue with glitter tips.  It was so easy and fun that I immediately started of thinking of what my next nail art would be and since Halloween is coming I knew I had to give my self a candy corn mani.  I like my nails to be simple so I just did one nail on each hand and kept the other nails a sandy color and topped it off with some glitter.  Below are the steps to recreate the fun nail look.

What I used:

Forever 21 Love & Beauty polish in orange.

Wet n Wild Whispering Dunes

Revlon Matte Polish

Revlon Nail Art in Atomic Pink

Revlon hearts of Gold

ArtBox extreme Nail Art Kit brushes from Walmart.

1. Begin with 1 coat of the matte polish and let dry.

2. Starting at the top and apply one light coat of the orange using the slanted brush and let dry.

3. Apply 1 coat of the sand dunes color and let dry (use the nail polish brush and quickly swipe across the nail)

4. Using the Revlon nail art brush apply 2 coats of white across the tip of your nail and let dry.

5. Head back to the top of your nail and apply one more coat of orange.

6. When all the nails are completely dry apply one more coat of the  matte polish and let dry.

7. After all your nails are dry apply a very light coat of Revlon Hearts of Gold (make sure you swipe off any hearts on the brush before applying).

5 Plaid Picks Under $100

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Whenever the weather starts to get chilly and the holidays are right around the corner I always have the sudden urge to break out some plaid.

Plaid Button Down $14.99 at Marshall’s | White Skinny Maternity Jeans on sale for $24.99 at ASOS | Animal Print Heels $14.99 from Target (also seen here) | Watch c/o Timex | Phillip Lim for Target Tote | Studded Green Wallet $9.99 from Ross

For me a plaid scarf, button down, jacket or coat and even plaid accessories do the trick for me.  The idea is to get it right.  When incorporating plaid into any outfit, let it do all the work and keep your look unfussy. If you want to add a little more character to your plaid try some leather or animal print.  Below are some of my favorite pieces and what to wear them with.

A plaid blazer with leather sleeves is perfect for jeans and booties!  Wear with a chunky knit scarf or sweater for a cozy effect.

Plaid Blazer – $35 at

Chic plaid flats would look so chic with a monochromatic look in white, black or even beige and let the shoes pop!

Pointy Plaid Flats – $59.99 at

Looking for a festive outfit for work?  Try a playful plaid wrap skirt!

Plaid Wrap Skirt – $80 at

This plaid necklace will give your fall tops a edgy look.

Plaid Necklace – $9.80 at

A classic plaid wool scarf is a must have in any women’s wardrobe!  Tie it off your purse, wear it in place of a belt or drape it over your favorite little black can’t go wrong!

Plaid Wool Scarf – $48 at

The Paul Smith Brand

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The famous English fashion designer Sir Paul Smith is known globally for producing exceptionally high quality designer menswear. He is respected globally for his unique fashion designs and ideas, leading to him being knighted in the year 2000. This accolade followed three successful decades of playing a key role in the men’s fashion industry. The Paul Smith clothing, accessories and footwear collections can be identified around the world by the famous Paul Smith signature logo.


Of course Paul Smith the person was not always a global superbrand and can trace his roots back to Nottingham, UK. It all started out when Paul Smith’s father managed to persuade him to take up a warehouse job at a local clothing retailer. His real passion at the time was for sports and particularly cycling and his goal was to become a racing cyclist, until he had a terrible cycling accident at age seventeen. The accident meant that he ended up in hospital and during this time there Paul Smith made some new friends. After leaving the hospital he met his new friends again at a local pub that was popular with students from the local art college. It was while he was at the pub he discovered his passion to become the world famous designer that he is today.

One of the main reasons why Paul Smith has become such a success is that he remains continually involved in the business (as he is both a designer and the company’s chairman). His smart and fun collections have earned him a place at the forefront of men’s fashion. His collections are available throughout the globe and are hugely popular in major cities such as London, Paris, Milan, New York, San Francisco and Los Angeles.

Another reason for the brands success is its ability to anticipate, and create new trends. Not only can Paul Smith create these trends in fashion, but he can also create them in pop culture. In addition to this he also manages to develop a great sense of humour that is mixed with his love for traditional and the classic designs.

Today there are several different Paul Smith collections including the Paul Smith Jeans, Paul Smith Accessories, Paul Smith Shoe, PS by Paul Smith and Paul Smith Red Ear collections. They are designed in Nottingham and London and are primarily produced in England and Italy. The fabrics used are primarily from either Italy, France and Britain.

In short, Paul Smith designs the clothes in the way that he likes to wear them. He ensures that all his collections are made from the highest quality materials and processes. He keeps to simple style cuts and uses interesting fabrics that people find easy to wear. Paul Smith believes that his success story and huge popularity is because he remains directly involved in every aspect of the company, from designing the new collections to choosing the best possible fabrics.


Celebrity Redo: Kim Kardashian

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I love Kim Kardashian’s make under BUT this is borderline sloppy and boring.  Even though I love the coat I don’t really like it as an everyday coat like she seems to be using it for (click here to see a similar look featuring the coat). I decided to redo her look by hiding a little boobage with a pretty wrap blouse that’s super flattering, and a coat that is a little more versatile and edgy. Classy, stylish and perfect for a brand new mom on the go.

Coat | Blouse | Jeans | Pumps | Clutch

5 Pregnancy Halloween Costume Ideas

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Halloween is one my favorite holidays and since it’s the day before my birthday it’s always been my day to celebrate even more.  I’ve dressed up almost every year and since I only have boys I kinda feel like I have to put in the extra effort because they’re so fascinated by any girl costume. This is year I’m a little stumped because of my baby bump and I have been searching high and low for something fun…until I came across a ton of ideas on Pinterest.  Some are super easy to DIY and affordable and some are totally over the top.  Definitely got some fun inspiration!.

This is my favorite costume idea a jar of Prego!  Love it


Juno couple costume another genius idea!


Humpty Dumpty…lol so cute!


This bubble bath costume is adorable!  All you need is a little white dress, white balloons, slippers and a duckie.  Would probably have to use white leggings or tights.

image via Pinterest

Orange is the New Black with oversized orange scrubs. 🙂




Free People’s Lost In Tokyo Catalog

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Free People’s new lookbook ‘Lost In Tokyo’ is exactly what I always expect from Free People – it’s effortlessly dishevled and bohemian chic – I love i!!  The catalog title a reference to the stylish Sofia Coppola’s and  film that she directed ‘Lost in Translation and equally as gorgeous!  Check out some of my favorite pieces below.


Celebrity Copycat: Olivia Palermo’s Look for Less!

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I could probably do a copycat on Olivia Palermo every day of the week and never get tired of it.  The girl can do no wrong!  This outfit is a little more simple and casual than what she normally wears but it’s just as fabulous!  Love the ripped jeans against the dainty blouse and the sexy red heels and brown clutch.  It’s just perfection!!

 Blouse – $30 at | Jeans – $84 at | Red Heels – $129 at | Clutch – $39.95 at

Stylish Cravings: Chic Sweatshirts

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I’ve always loved me a comfy sweatshirt but this season I’m loving the idea of a sweatshirt  dressed up.  I loved the way Beyonce, Olivia Palermo and Alexa Chung rocked their sweatshirts by simply accessorizing and adding heels. Pair with a sexy pencil skirt, plaid slacks or your favorite jeans and add some fab jewelry and you’re good to go.

For a adorable look pair this ruffled  sweatshirt with legging and heels.

Sweatshirt With Ruffled Edges – $28 at

Heels, jeans and a clutch is all you’ll need for this chic embroidered sweatshirt.

Embroidered Sweater – $24.99 at

For a school girl look try this quilted sweatshirt with flirty skater skirt and flats.

Quilted Sweatshirt – $45 at

Off the shoulder sweatshirts are so sexy!  Belt it and wear over a mini skirt or shorts and tights with a blazer.

Off The Shoulder Sweatshirt – $16 at

For a effortless casual look pair this striped sweatshirt with a maxi skirt or slacks.

Striped Hoodie – $20 at





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